Ewing Mo City Council Board Meeting Minutes

City of Ewing April 2024 Minutes

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City of Ewing 

102 S. Gilead St.* PO Box 346 

Ewing, MO 63440 

Phone: 573-209-3360 

Email ewingcty@marktwain.net 

Notice of Open Meeting 

Tuesday April 9, 2024 

7:00 PM at City Hall 

102 South Gilead Street, Ewing MO

The City Council unexpectedly did not have a quorum as illness and circumstances changed. The Council will conduct an April meeting on Monday April 22, 2024 at 7:00 pm. 

The tentative agenda for this meeting includes: 

Greeting guests 

Minutes from the March 12 meeting 

City Bills Review 

Sewer Bills Review 

Shirley addresses the board. 

Park Committee: Pickle Ball court 

Merry go round 

Discussion on finishing ceiling in 1st shelter house 

Farmers Market will start on Saturday May 25, 2024 

Sewer Report: Extension of sewer line near Johnson’s new apartments. 

Spray Field: Check on the Spray Field Pump ETA 

Work on Spray Field ground 

Monday April 22, 2024 

The City Council was called to order by Mayor Dean Wagy. Aldermen in attendance were Alan Toliver, Simon Thrower, Cliff Wade, and Alderwoman Susie Wood. 

Guests: Linda and Mark Lueckenhoff 

Agenda: Simon Thrower made a motion to accept the agenda, seconded by Cliff Wade. 

Minutes from the March meeting was reviewed. Susie Wood made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Simon Thrower. 

Review of City Bills: Cliff Wade made a motion to accept the bills, seconded by Susie Wood. 

Review of Sewer Bills: Alan Toliver made a motion to accept the bills, seconded by Simon Thrower. 

Shirley Robertson addressed the board with notices of two CD’s coming due. One is due now and one is due in a few weeks. Cliff Wade made a motion to have Shirley reinvest the money + interest to a new 8 Month CD at 5.15%. Simon Thrower seconded the motion. The motion carried. 

Shirley would like to also Alan Toliver made a motion 

The second CD will be coming due on May 21. reinvest that CD for an 8 month CD for 5.15 %. to allow Shirley Robertson to reinvest that money + interest when it comes due. Susie Wood seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Shirley is learning how to place a lien on a property of an individual who does not respond to telephone calls or certified mailings. The individual has a very large sewer and trash bill. We hope to collect if the property is 

sold. The owner has moved out but still comes around periodically. Our Lawyer said we need to find the individual’s new home address so they may be served by the courts. 

Linda and Mark Lueckenhoff, members of the park committee, came to inform the City Council about ideas for the park. A tentative date for the Park Days is August 10. A rumor going around about a Pickle Ball Court has gotten some excitement. Mayor Wagy says the park could pour a 40 by 40 cement pad near the existing basketball pad. This is an idea that is being proposed. 

The park committee also needs to get bids to update the older shelter house with a ceiling like the newer shelter house to keep birds from nesting in the rafters and also put up a ceiling fan and LED lighting with timers. Repairs need to be done in the Men’s restroom (small water leak), and new door knobs for both restrooms again. 

Sewer Report: Mayor Wagy informed the City Council that the Spray Field pump has been delivered and is being installed by Mayor Wagy and a repairman from Vandevanter Engineering. The spray field will be up and working soon. Cells 2 through 4 are filling up. 

With no further discussions, Cliff Wade made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Alan Toliver. Motion carried. 

Next City Council Meeting will be Tuesday May 14, 2024 at 7:00 pm 



Cheryl M. Thrower 

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