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Meet Tad Luebbehusen – Lewis County Scoop Financial Columnist

Tad Luebbehusen financial planner quincy IL and Lewis County Missouri

Hometown Beginnings

 I’m Tad Luebbehusen, and I call Ewing, Missouri, my hometown. I graduated from Highland in 2008 and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Quincy University in 2012. Alongside my fiance, I’ve been passionately involved in turning run-down houses into beautiful rental properties.

A Life of Health and Hobbies

Beyond my career in finance, I’m a health enthusiast at heart. I dive headfirst into activities like CrossFit, marathons, triathlons, and even the Ironman challenge. My fiance and I share our lives with two dachshund dogs, Slink and Domo. We also enjoy hitting the golf course, spending quality time with our family, and exploring the world through travel.

Decade of Financial Wisdom

For the past decade, I’ve proudly served as an Associate Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual. My goal is to help clients from all walks of life achieve their financial dreams. Whether it’s budgeting, wealth building, asset protection, or ensuring a smooth estate transition, I’m here to make it happen.

Tad Luebbehusen Associate Financial Advisor for Nortwestern Mutual and Financial Columnist for The Lewis County Scoop

Giving Back to the Community

 I’m not content with just numbers; I believe in giving back to my community. I serve as a mentor for high school seniors in the Adams County CEO program and actively participate in community clean-up events in downtown Quincy. I’m also dedicated to addressing local hunger issues by contributing my time and resources to Horizons soup kitchen.

Vision for a Prosperous Future

I have a clear vision for the future: to empower individuals and businesses in my local community to achieve financial security and success. I aim to provide financial education, personalized financial planning, support local economic growth, and contribute to charitable giving and philanthropy. Offering ethical and transparent financial services and mentoring the next generation of financial leaders are also on my agenda.

Life Lessons in Finance

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned comes from my grandfather, affectionately known as “papa.” He always told me to think of myself as a company in the stock market. Each morning is a fresh opening, and the goal is to end the day at least as valuable as it began. When the closing bell rings, I evaluate my day to make the next one even more profitable. “Always been trending” – a mantra for financial success and life itself.

More Than an Advisor

I’m not just a financial advisor; I’m a driving force for financial well-being and community prosperity. My mission is to leave a lasting impact and help the people of the surrounding area chart a course towards a brighter financial future

Tad Luebbehusen
Associate Financial Advisor
Northwestern Mutual
936 Broadway St e, Quincy, IL 62301

Office:  (217) 214-0213

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