Why The Lewis County Scoop in Lewistown Missouri

Welcome to The Lewis County Scoop: A New Era of Hyper-Local Journalism

Today Dec 2nd, 2023 Marks a New Beginning

Hello and welcome to the soft launch of The Lewis County Scoop – your new destination for all things Lewis County. Today, we take our first step in bringing you a unique online platform that celebrates, informs, and connects the Lewis County community. We will never charge you for content and we will never have a subscription based paywall. 

I know this probably looks like a long article, but I encourage you to read it in it’s entirety so that you can have an understanding of what our mission is, our projected roadmap over the next 30-45 days and purpose for undertaking a project of this magnitude.

Let me first say that in our opinion Muddy River News is absolutley the best regional news source and they do an outstanding job of covering topics, sports and breaking news events and we proudly recommend you visit their website daily to stay updated on whats happening regionally.

A Work in Progress

As with any new endeavor, our beginnings are humble, and our content along with the website is just starting to take shape. Over the next 30-45 days, you’ll see The Lewis County Scoop begin to evolve and grow. We’re diligently working to bring you a diverse range of articles, stories, topics and features that truly represent the heart and soul of Lewis County. 

Your Patience, Our Promise

We ask for your patience and support during this phase. As we fine-tune our content and layout, you might encounter some changes and adjustments. You might see stories & articles repeated and duplicated in various categories. Just bear in mind these are steps toward building a platform that you’ll love and trust for local news and stories. The yellow “JOIN” button above will be for the Newsletter. When its active we will announce that feature. We would sincerely appreciate your support by LIKING & Following The Lewis County Scoop Facebook Page.

Why the Lewis County Scoop?

The Small Business Owner

Whether we realize it or not, small business is the freight train that keeps Lewis County moving. There is probably not too many people in Lewis County that are not either a small business owner or related to a small business owner. Let’s support small businesses. The Lewis County Scoop is going to be a platform that lifts up and recognizes the small business owner. 

Lewis County Journalist

We are going to be different, and this is where I hope it will be fun. We currently have 12 writers/columnists/contributors/podcasters on the Scoop team and none of us have a degree in Journalism.  
Am I taking anything away from a degree in Journalism? No, certainly not. In fact, one of our goals in the future as a way to give back is to offer a scholarship to a Lewis County High School student who wants to pursue a degree in Journalism. I will talk about this in detail in a future article. 

So being that none of us have a Journalism degree, what does each of us have to offer? A story. Yes, everyone has a story. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone is biased to a degree…..about something.

Everyone is passionate about..something. 

With that being said I don’t want to get too far off topic here, but this brings me to something I’d like to share. There is an older generation that is leaving us and slipping off into eternity at a very fast rate. When they leave, so does the wisdom they have attained in their life. They have stories of growing up, working, and living here in Lewis County. The older generation possess nuggets of truth and wisdom that need to be preserved. We need their stories, and you don’t need to be a journalist to interview them and write those stories down. We just need to find time to sit down and talk with them. Many would enjoy the conversation and time spent with them.    

Every contributor, writer or columnist for the Lewis County Scoop needs one, and only one prerequisite to be on the Scoop Team. They must live here, or have very strong ties to Lewis County. We are looking for more contributors and if you would like to be part of the Scoop Team reach out to us. 

The Lewis County Scoop is for the people of Lewis County, and its stories and news are written by the people of Lewis County. 

Will we have grammatical errors in our content? We probably will, but don’t be too hard on us. The current President also has a rather difficult time putting 2 sentences together most of the time and he is the President. 

What to Expect in the next 30-45 days

In the coming weeks, our focus will be in 3 core areas with the first being to finish the process of obtaining the Approved Minutes moving forward on a regular basis from the following monthly Public Board Meetings:

Town Public Board Meetings

  La Grange
  La Belle

Lewis County Commission
Lewis County C-1 School Board
Canton R-V School Board
Public Water Supply District – Ewing
Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission

Why are we posting the meeting minutes from our Lewis County & Municipality governmental bodies?

Simply for 1 reason. It will be beneficial to the people of Lewis County to have all the above in one easy to find place for viewing. We have already worked out arrangements with most of the above entity’s and will be contacting the rest next week. 

While transparency is needed from Washington D.C all the way down to the local level we need to thank our elected local Lewis County & Municipality officials. They probably rarely get a “thank-you” for the jobs they do.

If we are missing a Public Board Entity above that you want us to obtain approved minutes please contact us.

Scoop Podcast – 30-45 Days

Closer to the end of the next 30-45  days we hope to have the podcast up and rolling. It will be in audio format on Spotify and Video format on Lewis County Scoop’s Youtube page and Rumble. We have a lot of good stuff lined up for this side of The Lewis County Scoop. We will be having business owners on the podcast along with some interesting guests from outside the community.  We’re going to talk about local issues, politics, religion, sports…etc…and yes…we’re gonna have some fun. If you have something of importance or an annoucement you would like to discuss let us know.

And Lastly…

Over the next 30-45 days we will be working diligently to get the following categories up and running:

-Classifieds (Lewis County Only) We won’t be accepting any submissions from outside of Lewis County. 

-Charitable Benefits Announcements
This will be its own category and accessible from the Home page. If you’re putting on a charitable “Benefit” of any kind please submit your flier and information and we will publish & share the event for you. 

-Lewis County History
-Events Calendar
-Email Newsletter
-Photo Submits/Contest


Individual Towns In Lewis County

Each town in Lewis County will have their own section on the home page. All the articles, content and new content for that respective town will be easily accessed from here. If anyone would like to be a representative per say from their community to obtain and collect content, info, stories etc please reach out to us as we could use your help in this area. 

Our ultimate goal is to provide a full spectrum of information that resonates with every resident of Lewis County. 

How Is The Lewis County Scoop Going To Be Supported?

It’s important for our readers to understand how we plan on sustaining our platform. Initially born out of a labor of love for our community, the reality is that love alone cannot fuel our operations indefinitely. Managing The Lewis County Scoop moving forward involves significant investments in software, equipment, and most importantly, time. A lot of time.

To date, our platform hasn’t generated revenue, nor have we sought financial support. We aimed first to establish our worthiness and credibility before considering monetization.

Remarkably, our dedicated writers and columnists have been contributing their valuable work purely out of love for our community, without monetary compensation, but we can not expect them to indefinitely. 

Moving forward, we plan to monetize in two primary ways:

Small Business Community Support: We will invite local businesses in Lewis County to sponsor ads on our site and support our writers. The first 50 businesses to come on board will benefit from an exclusive, low sponsorship rate (dirt cheap) with Home Page Banner/Block Ads, and will be featured on our ‘Founding Sponsor’ page. These pioneering sponsors will also receive their own dedicated page on The Lewis County Scoop and (or) complimentary business website design and free hosting for one year. Additionally, they will be entitled to four unique Business Spotlights annually, alongside other benefits like Google My Business creation + Optimization, Social Media Optimization, On-Page SEO and other perks to help your business grow online.

Affiliate Links: While affiliate links, including our partnership as an Authorized Amazon Affiliate, provide minimal revenue, they will contribute pennies to our operational and writing costs. 

However, we make a firm commitment to our local small businesses: we WILL NOT promote products from Amazon that directly compete with physical items sold by a Lewis County small business. Our loyalty lies with supporting and uplifting our local economy.

In summary, The Lewis County Scoop is more than a publication; it’s a community initiative. Our future funding strategies are designed to ensure our longevity and support local businesses, all while maintaining the integrity and focus on the stories that matter to Lewis County.

Join the Journey

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Your feedback is invaluable to us. If you have suggestions, stories, or ideas, please don’t hesitate to reach out. After all, The Lewis County Scoop is all about you – the people of Lewis County.

Thank you for joining us on day one of this adventure. Together, we’ll build a space that not only informs and engages but also celebrates the spirit of our community. Keep an eye on The Lewis County Scoop – where local stories find a global voice.

Don’t forget to enter the weekly contest where we give away cash & prizes. 

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