Western Lewis County Missouri Fire Protection District

Western Lewis County Fire Protection District – Meeting Minutes January 10th

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       January 10, 2024@ Station #1 La Belle, Missouri @ 7:00 P.M. 

Board Members in Attendance: 

  • Sam Wilson, Eric Stewart, Bill Geisendorfer, and Chris Heimer. 

Board Members Absent: 

  • Phil Murfin 

Executive Session: The Board did not go into executive session. 

Public Comments: 

  • None presented. 

Reading of Minutes: 

  • The December 13,2023 minutes were read. Chris Heimer moved to approve the minutes with a correction of changing the word “second” to “third” when talking about the new engine for 516. All approved. Motion carried. 

Treasurer Reports: 

  • The treasurer report was reviewed; Payable’s and current invoices outstanding were submitted and reviewed. Current CD rates were presented. After discussion, Eric Stewart moved to reinvest the CD at Town and Country Bank in La Belle at their current rate of 4.75%. Chris Heimer abstained; all others approved. Motion carried.

District Fire Chiefs Reports/ Asst. Chiefs Reports

  • See attached monthly report. Chief Harry Scifres presented his report. 
  • Robbie Walter was presented his report. 
  • Bill Fountain presented his report. 
  • Kent Whitlatch was absent.

Old Business

  • Dry hydrant update:  No update at this time.

New Business: 

  • Chief Scifres applied for a new grant for a new supply vehicle. He is waiting to see if it is approved.
  •  The Board reviewed 2 possible budgets for the new year. We will approve a budget at next meeting.
  • Murfin Property: The board was given an offer to purchase the Murfin property that surrounds the Lewistown Station. After discussion, Chris Heimer moved to purchase the property for $20,000.00 plus closing costs. Sam Wilson seconded the motion. All approved, motion carried.

 New Applications: No new applications at this time.


  • Eric Stewart moved to adjourn. All approved. Motion carried. 

Wendy Lewis 2-14-2024

                                                                                       Attested: Secretary of WLCFPD                                                                                                             Dated 

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