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Lab grown chicken meat in missouri

Will The Future Of Meat Come to Lewis County? Lab-Grown Meat Is Set To Invade Your Dinner Plate

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LEWIS COUNTY, MO – Whether you’re aware or not, something kind of eery has been unfolding in the food industry that every person in Lewis County who has an inkling of care about their food should, at a minimum, be aware of.

Specifically, in June of last year, the USDA approved two companies, Upside Foods and Good Meat, to sell lab-grown chicken meat in the United States. Say What??

You can read the whole story here.

This USDA & FDA green light on lab-grown chicken meat has set the stage for a pretty frightening future at the grocery store meat department. 

Do you just accept what the food industry, corporations & politicians manipulated by lobbyists are getting ready to force upon you? The prospect of lab-grown chicken, which people have dubbed ‘Franken meat,’ raises questions about the future of food consumption.

Do you make an educated choice and actually do something to take control of what’s on your dinner plate?

Let me be clear when I say getting ready to force upon you. I don’t mean tomorrow, next year, or even five years from now. I am still determining when. Those are possibilities, I presume, but lab-grown chicken meat is coming, along with lab-grown beef, pork, fish, etc.  

Like anything, you should research and form your own opinion, but as you do that, you will have to use logic, common sense, and your gut. I know those three virtues appear to be lacking in today’s society. However, I’m confident most of Lewis County, MO, still possess these traits.

How will lab-created chicken meat, or any laboratory-concocted meat for that matter, affect you? They don’t know how it will affect you.   

(theWho are they?” is where your research should begin. You may find that the “they” who are all in on this lab meat are the same species of people who think cow farts are destroying our environment

But here is the more significant issue that I foresee when this laboratory-based meat takes hold and pushes into all the grocery stores and restaurants in America.

Please consider what I am about to share. Take a moment to step back, reflect, and give me a few minutes of your time to envision the significant scenario I am about to describe. Even if you find it hard to believe, I ask that you contemplate the potential of this possibility.

When lab-grown meat becomes what the anti-farmer, anti-rancher and anti-cow farter believes is the best choice for the people (and their global warming animal farting anti-pollution policy), then they won’t need the chickens, ranchers, hatcheries, or egg producers any longer. They will force them out of business by act of policy. 

Then you, the consumer, will have NO choice but to buy their artificial laboratory-created meat to feed yourself & your kids.

If they no longer need those live Chickens processed to feed America, guess what? No more Eggs, either. You do realize eggs come from Chickens. Right?

Oh, the government and food industry would never steer us wrong. Oh really?

Do you remember the “I Can’t BELIEVE IT’S NOT BUTTER” commercials? They touted that real butter was evil & margarine was so good for you. My parents bought that stuff like they had a new lease on life.

Science and common sense health experts have proven the exact opposite true, but that’s for another day.

I suppose you are chuckling right now, or the word “conspiracy theory” is silently being whispered in the back of your mind. In that case, the rest of the article probably is not for you. However, for those who are at least a little concerned about this possibility & alarmed about the future of food technology, I want you to prepare yourself for advertisements that will be something like, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S NOT MEAT,” as they make their propaganda push for lab-created meat into the minds of Americans and dupe you into believing it’s healthy.

Put the whole puzzle together and “just think” about the implications of laboratory-grown meat. 

The above is a future that I can realistically picture unless one person at a time decides to take charge of their own well-being. Because when it’s too late… it’s typically too late. But I’m saying it’s not too late…yet.

You might be wondering, “What can I do about it? I’m just one person, one family, living in a remote area like Lewis County. How can I possibly make a difference against something of this magnitude?”


I never said you could change the world, but I am saying you have 100% control over changing your world.

For everyone who is, at a minimum, at least concerned about this lab-created junk meat coming to your grocery store in the future, here is a simple step you can take today to hedge that future possibility and make a difference for you and your family.

It’s very simple. 

It’s stupidly simple. 

It’s laughably, stupidly, simple. Anyone can do it.

Are You ready?

Get a chicken coop, or build one and get some chickens. Get 3-4 to start out. I’m serious.

And RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME of year to get your chicks. Fleer Feed in Lewistown is now accepting orders for hatchlings. February 7th, I believe, was the first hatch date, and they hatch up into the end of August.

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Ordering Chicks from Fleer Feed in Lewistown is the cheapest & easiest way to get set up with Chickens here in Lewis County, and get some farm fresh eggs on your plate.  Give Caleb a buzz at 573-215-2200 if you have any questions. He can guide you in the right direction on what type and breed of chickens you may be looking for. The Rhode Island Reds are one of the most common breeds that people choose for butchering and layers

. LISTEN. Here is the bottom line. Lab-grown chicken…I hate to tell ya…is not chicken.

It doesn’t matter how many ways they are going to spin the propaganda and do a play on words. They are going to tell you it’s chicken meat, but I’m here to tell you that chickens come from an egg laid by another chicken. Period. Who are you going to trust to make your food? God or Man? 

In closing here, I want you to understand that I wrote this article for the people of Lewis County, Missouri. I also, along with you, chuckled at myself several times while writing this article. Still, in all seriousness, I believe this is an issue that will eventually impact us.

This topic isn’t widely covered in mainstream media. Still, perhaps our actions could influence broader dialogue here and across the region. Change and critical thinking have to begin somewhere, with someone.

 As strange and wildly unimaginable as no real chickens may seem, I aim to raise awareness and draw attention to this matter. I’m sure it will get heated up over the next few years. 

At a minimum, I hope this article prompts you to personally reflect. Do you think it’s important that your family’s health doesn’t become compromised due to some wacky experimental method of meat production? 

A recent major event has shown us that we are sometimes unwitting experimental participants. If that has not become clear to you, it’s time to pay closer attention. Let’s not be part of such an experiment again. Don’t be an experiment at your own expense by having no choice but to consume their so-called meat.

Drop by Fleer Feed and have a chat with Caleb and reserve your Future Flock of Freedom. Besides, farm-fresh eggs and farm-raised Chickens taste 100% better than store-bought eggs and chickens. 

My final words are,
Don’t be a Chicken Sh*t.
Do something no matter what others think.

Until Next Time

“Think About It”

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