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How to afford homeschool in Lewis county, Mo

Homeschooling, Is it even legal? How do you afford that?

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Navigating Homeschooling Legality – State Requirements and Guidelines

It is legal in all 50 states to Homeschool your children.  Each state has a different set of requirements or laws that go along with homeschooling.  In Missouri, you must provide your child with 1000 hours of instruction in a term, which can be 12 months.  Six hundred of those hours must be among one or more core subjects: reading, math, social studies, language arts, and science.  Of the 600 hours in the core subjects, 400 must occur at the “regular” homeschool location, which is not defined in the law.  You must also maintain (but do not have to submit) records for all children ages 7-16.  The records consist of samples of your child’s work, academic evaluations like tests in various subjects, and a plan book or diary indicating subjects taught or educational activities you have engaged in.  You can find all of this information on the HSLDA.org website. 

HSLDA: Your Go-To Resource for Homeschool Legal Guidance

The HSLDA is the Homeschool Legal Defense Association; I highly recommend that anyone considering homeschooling go to this website before you start.  They are a membership-based legal organization that will help you with all things homeschooling and be your legal defense if anything comes up.     

Considering the Value of Homeschooling – The True Cost

“I can’t afford it.”  This is one of those comments that I can barely stomach anymore.  I understand that we live in a culture where both parents “have” to work, and money is always an issue.  I would like to challenge you to look at it differently.  Like all things in my life, I look at it through a biblical worldview; this situation is no different.  So, Christians, I’m talking to you.  When I am approached and told, “I can’t afford homeschooling,” I always reply, “You can’t afford not to.”  As Christians, we are called to disciple our children; explain to me how we will do this when we send them off to a pagan system 8 hours a day to be discipled in ways that you most likely disagree with.  You can’t argue that the public school system pushes non-Christian views; it’s just a given.  There is no such thing as neutral education; you either teach your children that God is present in everything or He becomes void in it all.  According to Barna research, we are facing a “post-Christian” nation for the first time in American history.  Why? Because we as parents have failed our children, we have failed to “teach them diligently” (Duet 6:7-9) like the bible tells us to.  We have abdicated the discipleship of our children and given over to a pagan system that hates God.  How can we expect them to be any other way?  Voddie Baucham said it best, “We cannot continue to send our children to Caesar for their education and be surprised when they come home as Romans.”  Students spend 14,000 hours behind a desk in school from K-12. Do you think a few hours of church a week and the couple hours you get them in the evening before bed, will undo it?  You can’t afford not to, is my response. You are running the risk of losing your child to ungodly principles, ideologies, and mentalities.  Is it worth it?  I realize this is offensive, but I hope it makes you think differently.  Some of you are still thinking, “what about that money issue.”  My suggestion to parents who would like to homeschool but feel they can’t afford it in a money sense is to get creative.  There are lots of parents who still work and homeschool their kids. They may have to adjust a schedule, recruit a grandparent or family member, work from home, or even let their kids tag along for obligations.  If it is a desire, you will find a way where there seems to be no way.  It is possible; just get creative.  

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