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Briar Megee Golfing in San Diego California

From Lewis County to the Masters. An Eleven-Year-Old Golfer’s Dream

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LEWISTOWN, MO — At just 11 years old, Briar Megee, the son of Chris and Michelle Megee, stands out among fifth graders in his own unique way.  A student at Highland Elementary School in Ewing, Missouri, Briar has distinguished himself in golf, displaying a level of unusual talent and enthusiasm for the sport that is remarkable for someone his age.

From Backyard Swings to Big Dreams. Briar’s Remarkable Start

Briar quickly showed a unique ability to hit the ball, a talent that became apparent when a YouTube video of him hitting golf balls into a pool as a 2-year-old became locally viral. “The excitement of hitting the ball kept him motivated as I spent hours and hours sitting on a bucket placing golf balls for him to hit,” said Briar’s father, recalling the early days of watching his son swing a golf club with precision.

Briar’s training regimen is simple and focused yet fun, starting with a motivational listen to “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses on the way to the golf course. A typical practice session for Briar includes around 30 minutes of putting, chipping onto the green, and then moving on to the driving range to work on his short irons and drivers. “After all that, I’m ready to play,” Briar says, outlining a practice routine that has led to some pretty significant accomplishments.

Early Success: Briar’s Wins at the Little People’s Tournament

At ages 4 and 5, Briar won the Little People’s Tournament in Quincy, Illinois, securing a place in the World Championship in San Diego, California, where he not only qualified but also competed in the prestigious global event. At the TPC Deere Run in Silvis, Illinois, he competed in the Drive-Chip-Putt contest and made it all the way to the final stage, where he fell just 3 points short of earning a trip to the Masters in Augusta to participate in the championship Drive-Chip-Putt Contest.

Briar Megee of Lewistown, Mo wins Little Peoples Golf Tournament in
Little Peoples Golf Tournament – Quincy Illinois
Briar Megee Torrey Pines 5 years old
Briar Megee Torrey Pines 5 years old
Briar Megee at Torrey Pines 10 years old
Briar Megee at Torrey Pines – 10 years old

 He has also clinched several local events including a Hurricane Junior Golf Tournament in Kansas City, earning him an invitation to Orlando, Florida where he will be playing July 11th-14th.

Briar’s Journey Through Challenges

Despite his successes, Briar has faced challenges, particularly in managing his emotions on the course. Learning to move past bad shots without frustration has been a crucial lesson in his young career. “I’ve learned to forget the bad shots and just move on to the next shot,” Briar shares, highlighting a maturity that has helped him navigate the pressures of tournament play.

The support from Briar’s family and the Lewis County community has been dedicated. From financial backing to moral support during long trips for tournaments, the community’s involvement has been a cornerstone of Briar’s journey. “I know I would not be able to do what I do if it wasn’t for the caring people around here helping,” Briar acknowledges.

Upcoming Events

Looking ahead, Briar has a busy schedule with the Gateway PGA Junior Tour Spring League, the John Deere Classic Junior Open on June 11th and 12th, along with the Little People’s Tournament in Quincy, IL, on June 17th thru 19th, and several other tournaments across the Nation. 

His long-term aspirations are clear: to play golf in college, join the Korn Ferry Tour, and eventually win the Masters.

Role Models and Hobbies

Briar looks up to golfers like Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy, and Ricky Fowler, drawing inspiration from their careers. Outside of golf, he enjoys football, fishing, and hunting, with Math and English being his favorite school subjects. Balancing golf, school, and other activities is a juggling act, but Briar manages it with the same focus and determination he brings to the golf course.

Home Turf: Three Pines Golf Course in Tolona, Missouri

Three Pines Golf Course in Tolona, Missouri, holds a special place in Briar’s heart. It’s where he has grown up playing and learning the game. “That course and the golfers here at Three Pines have made me the golfer I am today,” he says, reflecting on the impact of his local golfing community.

From memorable shots to challenging tournaments, Briar’s journey in golf is filled with stories of perseverance, learning, and ambition. As he continues to compete and grow, his eyes are firmly set on the future, with dreams of joining the PGA and, one day, slipping on the coveted green jacket of the Masters.

For other young golfers just starting out, Briar’s advice is simple. “Just have fun, and you have fun by not getting mad at yourself over bad shots. Focus that emotion and energy on technique, move on to the next hole and you will get better and better.”

Lewis County Mo Young People Recognizion

As golf evolves, Briar is excited about the future of the sport and the opportunities it presents for making new friends and facing new challenges. His involvement in the local golfing community, through fundraising for concrete cart paths, and organizing a HotShots Junior Golf League with his dad, shows a commitment to giving back and encouragement for the next generation of golfers.

Briar’s story is not just about the golf game itself. It’s about community, and the pursuit of a dream. As he continues to make his mark on the sport, the readers of The Lewis County Scoop can look forward to following the journey of this young golfer.
For Briar, the course ahead is as promising as a perfect day on the green, with every swing bringing him closer to his dreams.

Briar is the youngest of four siblings, with three older sisters, and he lives with his parents just outside of Lewistown, Missouri.

Briar Megee Three Pines Golf Course
IMG Academy Junior World Champioship Briar Megee
IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championships
Briar Megee Golfing in San Diego California
Three Pines Golf Course Lewis County - Briar Megee

Support Briar’s Journey
If you would like to help support Briar with his travel and golf tournament competition expenses, you can send your support thru Venmo at https://venmo.com/u/briarmegee . This is a dedicated account for golf expenses only.

Lewis County Mo Young People Recognizion

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