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A Culinary Journey Rooted in Lewis County Legacy

Growing up in the heart of Lewis County, Missouri, the art of cooking was more than just preparing meals for Debbie Dance Uhrig – it was a legacy, a way of life. As a proud Lewistown native, the vibrant memories of summer days spent canning and butchering of chickens on her grandparents’ self-sufficient farm are firmly imprinted in her mind to this day.

Childhood Culinary Foundation: A Tale of Two Cooks

A significant foundational influence on Debbie’s culinary journey was her mother, Betty Dance. While Betty consistently adhered to recipes, providing a solid foundation for Debbie, it was Debbie’s flair for the culinary arts that led her to not just follow but create recipes. 

She learned early on that recipes can be vast, but there’s always room to add a touch of creativity. Her dishes are reminiscent of the classic comfort foods many grew up on but with a twist. It’s her “little more flair” that sets her culinary creations apart.

From Lewis County to Branson, Missouri: A Journey of Passion and Expertise

Having held the esteemed position of “Master Craftsman of Culinary” at the Culinary and Craft School at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Debbie’s passion transformed into expertise as she taught cooking classes, inspiring many along the way.

Coming Home: A Culinary Column Rooted in Legacy

As Debbie steps into her newest role as a columnist for The Lewis County Scoop, her column “Coming Home” is not just a name but an emotion, an essence. It’s a journey through the culinary legacy of Lewis County, a nod to her strong connection to the place she grew up.

A Culinary Expert’s Journey

Over the years, Debbie’s culinary skills in the kitchen have only grown. Starting sometime around 2006, her love for cooking found a new outlet: writing. 

This led to the birth of her first book, “Simply Yours,” in 2008, closely followed by “Everyday Comfort Foods.”

More Than Just a Chef

Debbie’s journey is not limited to the kitchen. A graduate of Highland High School in 1975, she furthered her education at Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville, Mo (now Truman State University). Eventually, she earned a double degree in church music and public education from Hannibal-LaGrange University.

Invitation to a Lewis County Culinary Journey

Readers are in for a treat as she pens down her culinary adventures, recipes, and insights in the “Food Category” of The Lewis County Scoop. With Debbie’s mix of classic comfort foods infused with her unique flair, every recipe promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Join Lewis County author, columnist, musician, and chef Debbie Dance Uhrig as she brings home the soul-warming foods of our community.  

Exploring recipes and culinary nostalgia through the eyes of local recipes and our County’s heritage. Not to mention good food, good friends, and good times!

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