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Can I homeschool High School in Lewis County MO?

What about Homeschooling High School?  Will a College Accept my Student?

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Navigating High School in Homeschooling Is Easier Than You Might Expect

It may seem scary to homeschool high school as your kids get older.  I felt the same way, but now that I have a senior and a sophomore, high school has been easier than expected.  My sophomore has taken online courses for three years and can start college next year, graduating high school with an associate’s degree.  My senior has started logging hours for a pilot’s license and learned incredible skills like running heavy equipment, welding, mechanics, driving a semi, electrical, and your regular farm life stuff like planting and harvesting.  My homeschool goal has always been to raise knowledgeable, functioning adults with essential life skills.  Adults who can think for themselves and not have a “herd mentality.”  When I take on that responsibility, I’m ensuring it happens, not just expecting it to happen through the school system by default.  You have to be intentional; it will not just happen.  

Shifting Perceptions on Homeschooling and Higher Education

I’m sure you’re wondering about higher education.  You may be shocked to read this, but colleges and universities are looking for homeschooled kids. They have realized in recent years that homeschooled kids have developed study skills and high academic achievement and are statistically more likely to finish college compared to public school kids.  Not only do they want them for these reasons, but colleges need students. They are struggling with enrollment and want your student.  Armed with that knowledge, I will say college is not what it is hyped up to be.  We need young adults willing to enter trades, start businesses, become pilots, plumbers, farmers, etc.  Whatever happened to the family business where the children learn the job and business of their parents?  Let’s make that popular again!  I have always told my kids that college is entirely unnecessary unless they want to be a lawyer, doctor, engineer, or other position that requires a degree.  Otherwise, it is a waste of time, money and resources.    

Reflecting on 13 Years of Homeschool Experience

After 13 years, I could write books on homeschooling.  I hope I have covered the high points of the common questions and given you a 1000-foot view.  The main takeaway should be that you can do it. You are capable.  Yes, it’s hard some days, but it has always been worth it.  I have never regretted the decision to homeschool.  It has been a way of life, one I will always be thankful for.  It has made us a close-knit family with many memories and experiences.  

Advocating Open Minds & Challenging Norms

Please know that this is to get you to think differently, not alienate you if you don’t homeschool. For far too many years, I felt like I needed to defend the idea, but not anymore.  The fruit of 13 years defends itself, and with this article, I have turned the tables a bit. It’s your turn to think outside the four walls of a schoolhouse and give the idea of the status quo and “norm” a question mark.  Do with it what you see fit.   

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