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Your Home; Instilling Faith Amidst Life’s Hustle

The Challenge of Integrating Faith into Family Life

 If you have tried the incorporation of a daily Family Bible Reading, or even a routine blessing over your meal, I am sure you have discovered it is going to take an effort on your part. I also understand how busy a family can be with the strain of jobs, children in sports, or other activities, everything seems to want a bite out of our time.

The Importance of Instilling Christian Values in Children

 The last thing most of us are interested in is starting one more project. With a to-do list already as long as your arm we feel the pull to set the family on the path of a Christian walk.We know that if we do not instill the values we hold into our children, the world will gladly take the opportunity to lead them down a different pathway. The best way that I have found to change course is to make small, deliberate steps in the right direction, and soon enough the weight of the cart will get behind and nudge the cart along. 

I would say that most religious families have heard the scripture read, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I have a wall plaque with this verse in my own kitchen. It is a good reminder of the right path I wish to take.

This verse, Joshua 24:15 Was born out of the leader Joshua, reminding the people of Israel, 

Drawing Inspiration from Joshua and the Covenant of Shechem

“ Jacob’s seed” of all God had done for them and that he is a jealous God. This was a covenant time when the people said that they would indeed serve him alone. So, Joshua set a “great stone of witness” in Shechem, A great oak tree. This was a reminder to the eyes of all of their great vow to a Holy God. 

 Have you ever heard of this great Stone?

 Where is it in Israel?

 Can it still be standing today as that same witness?  (Joshua 24:25~28)

Si’chem and Shechem are the same place with different spellings.

These questions give an opportunity for us to look further and be curious about the place called Shechem.A  number of very important biblical moments have taken place in this area.

 1)The tomb of Joseph after being carried back from Egypt .

 2)Joshua built an altar on Mount Ebal.

 3)Abraham was promised by God, “ to your descendants I will give this land”( Genesis 12:1~7) 

 4) It also became the first capital of the Kingdom of Israel when the nation was divided into two parts,the northern ( Israel ),and the southern ( Judah ),followed by captivity in Babylon.

The Modern Struggle: Balancing Faith with Daily Distractions

This separation only took place because the hearts of men were torn  from their love of God to other things: Idol worship, love of culture, women, and the same struggles that we have today that keep us from seeking a relationship with God. This is our reminder that God will allow us to choose  whom we will serve. Self? God? Each day we will have the same choice.If we choose God, we need to do so with our whole heart and well, He is jealous. 

The Role of Parents in Spiritual Guidance

We, the parents, are the leaders of our home.  Its direction depends on our choices day by day. If we are bending like a reed in the wind, it will be evident in our children. We see that under the strong leadership of Joshua the people kept on a right path with their God, but in the place of no leadership they became a divided kingdom

For this same result, all we need to do is nothing. This is a well-worn path and the cart will find its way seamlessly, with no deviance. But, if we are interested in a United Kingdom, and a Christian home, it becomes a leadership role of taking the reins and creeping the cart out of that well-worn path. It is an endurance race So pace yourself! 

A Practical Guide for Daily Family Devotion and Growth

I’m including a small daily guide sheet to help you to get going. Feel free to download as a printable guide. This is intended as a 5-10 minute time “most days” to discuss Bible,prayers,and family growth.

  Sometimes things such as holidays, ball games, and school functions get overwhelming. I don’t know your family schedule, but this is an investment opportunity into building a stronger family. God bless us as we do our best! 

Below Is The Printable Guide Sheet

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Mary Geisendorfer is not only a dedicated columnist for the “Faith” category at The Lewis County Scoop but also a Pastors Wife, mother, grandmother, & business partner with her husband at Lost & Found Taxidermy where she hand paints everything in the shop.

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