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A Peek Inside the Homeschool Mindset: A Personal Journey 

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Why I Chose to Homeschool

Many have asked me over the years why I homeschool.  I must admit that starting was scary, and I wasn’t confident, but I wanted to be with my kids. I didn’t need to send them off for someone else to teach them reading, writing, and arithmetic.  I knew I could figure out how to teach them myself.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I could learn, and I didn’t need childcare; I was a stay-at-home mom.  

The Defining Moment

When I went to the kindergarten round-up for my son, I was put off by all of the “this is how it will be” type comments from the “powers that be.”  I sat there thinking, “This is my kid; why do I have to hand him over to you to have authority over him and tell me, as the parent, how it will be.”  Not to mention, my son was ahead educationally; he already knew the material that would be covered.  See, until this point, my husband and I were in charge and made the decisions.  Now, all of a sudden, at age 5, the government school was taking over, and they were making the decisions.  For instance, I asked for a specific teacher, and they simply said, “You don’t get to choose. That’s up to us.”  Let’s just say I left that “round-up” meeting with the most incredible resolve; it sealed the deal.  I would not hand my child over to them or that system.  I just wasn’t going to do it.  Of course, this started me down the rabbit hole of all things education, and over the past 13 years, I have learned a tremendous amount and formed some solid opinions, but first and foremost, parents are responsible for their children’s education.  How that education gets executed will look different for everyone, but it’s the responsibility of the parents. They should make the decisions.  

Our Pick

Home Learning Year by Year, Revised and Updated

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Questioning Conventional Education

Here is a challenging thought, but consider it.  For far too long, we as a society have played into the lie that when children turn a certain age, it is time to hand them over to the government school.  From then on, what, how, when, and by whom they learn is up to the school.  Have parents stopped and thought, “Do I have to do this?”  “Is this the only way?”  What are my other options?”  

Pre-COVID, I was always met with questions and concerns that were starkly different from those during and post-COVID.  My point, attitudes, and opinions have changed big time concerning homeschooling or alternative education methods due to the shift in society caused by COVID-19.  Of course, something as shaking to society as COVID would make everyone rethink things, especially regarding government control.  

Exploring Educational Horizons

I would like to shout from the rooftops for all parents of school-aged children to hear that you don’t have to send your kids to the public school.  There are so many more options for education, more than most people could even imagine.  I promise the sky is the limit on what options you have.  You don’t have to give into the control of a school.  Your convictions and beliefs matter, and your freedoms matter. You are the parent, and you are in charge.  Your children are not wards of the state nor belong to the schools.  They are yours.  You get to decide.  You don’t have to co-parent with the government.

Homeschooling: Beyond Books

I think the critical thing to note is that home education is not just “school at home,’ it’s a lifestyle.  When you have the mindset that you are your child’s primary source for all things education, a whole new way of living life starts to bloom, where everything becomes a lesson.  Simple things like cooking and laundry are done with intention so your child becomes fluent in understanding and capability.  Even getting gas and paying bills all become a realization that no one else will teach them these things.  Now, these are things they probably don’t or won’t learn in school, but how many 18-year-olds do we know that have graduated high school and can’t even be normal functioning citizens because no one taught them life skills?  Skills like paying taxes, changing an HVAC filter, or how compounding interest works.  When you homeschool, everyday life becomes a classroom and everything a lesson. 

Addressing the Inevitable Questions 

I can imagine a thousand questions rattling around in your mind.  Questions like, what about socialization (yawn)? What about sports? Are you qualified to teach? How do you afford that? Is it even legal?  Well, I would love to explain.

Come back next Wednesday January 10th, for the next edition “All the Questions that come with Homeschooling” with more of my answers to these questions.

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