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Hello, I am Mary Geisendorfer, a Pastor’s wife, Sunday school teacher,  mother, and grandmother right here in Lewis County.

Journey to The Lewis County Scoop

In agreeing to be a columnist for the Faith category at The Lewis County Scoop, I sought to encourage our local Lewis County families to grow together in Jesus Christ.

The Essentials of Family Faith

The best way I believe families can grow together is through daily Bible reading, family prayer before meals, and creating an environment that invites conversation with your family.

Small Steps to Spiritual Growth

My hope is that tiny seeds sown day by day will produce great rewards. I suggest starting small with a daily Bible reading (7 minutes) before school. Otherwise, all of life’s busy activities derail our plan. Conclude with a prayer: asking for health, help on a school test, travel safety, and the wisdom to make good choices.

Instilling Core Values

Start instilling the fundamental values you want to see in your children by letting them know your values and what you would like to see from them.

Pillars of Our Belief

As believers in Jesus Christ, we can all agree on a few simple pillars of our faith:

1.) Jesus was the only begotten son of God.

2.) Jesus was born of a virgin. (A real virgin.)

3.) Jesus came to pay the penalty for our sins, His life for ours. Taking our place on the cross.

4.) Jesus arose on the third day victorious over death, Hell, and the grave.

5.) Jesus made himself known in his risen bodily form to the disciples and others in Jerusalem.

6.) Jesus ascended to heaven to take his place at the right hand of God, the heavenly Father.

7.) Jesus will receive all those who believe upon him, washing away sin, not merely covering it from year to year, as in the old covenant.

Building Upon Our Faith

These statements, being the foundation of our faith in Jesus Christ, as the Son of God, give us a starting point for our faith. A foundation is of little good if never built upon; it is only the beginning of what was dreamed. We add bricks of faith as we continue as followers of Jesus Christ.

The Challenge of Sharing Faith

In our over-opinionated world, knowing where to start with sharing our faith can be difficult. Let’s begin like Christ Jesus, with our friends and family.

Freedom to Express in Lewis County

Here in Lewis County, Missouri, we still have the freedom to share our faith. This freedom must be exercised to remain a vital, working part of our community.

Taking the Next Steps

So, I would ask that you begin a program that includes actively seeking out a church family locally that can support and grow the life of a believer.

Shine your light for Jesus!

To learn more about Mary Geisendorfer visit our Introduction of her as one of our Faith Contributors here at The Lewis County Scoop.

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Experience firsthand the transformative work of The Lord Jesus Christ at Freedom In Christ Worship Center located at 401 W Main St, Lewistown, MO. We hope to see you soon!

mary geisendorfer lewistown mo 63452

Mary Geisendorfer is not only a dedicated columnist for the "Faith" category at The Lewis County Scoop but also a Pastors Wife, mother, grandmother, & business partner with her husband at Lost & Found Taxidermy where she hand paints everything in the shop.

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As an Amazon Associate, The Lewis County Scoop earns from qualifying purchases. (this is at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you). Your support helps to keep the lights on here in The Lewis County Scoops little part of the internet world.