Industrial Development Authority of Lewis County Missouri

Industrial Development Authority of Lewis County – Sept 12, 2023 Minutes

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Industrial Development Authority of Lewis County 
Regular Board Meeting 

September 12, 2023

Members Present: Robert Miller, Randy Sharpe, Dan Griesbaum, Jim Ellison, Chris Huebotter, and Jeff Janney

Others Present: Director Ralph Martin

Members Absent: Steve Ayers, Kim Schneider, and Jeff O’Brien 

Quorum: Yes 

Call to Order: 
The Regular Board Meeting of the Lewis County IDA was called to order on 27 June 2023 at 5:08 p.m. by Vice President J Janney. 

Guests: None 

Minutes of the previous meeting 27 June 2023 were presented. 

• D Griesbaum made the motion to accept the minutes as presented from 27 June 2023, seconded by C Huebotter. Motion carries unanimously 5 to 0. 

Financials: as presented, including: 

1. Treasurer’s Report 

June 2023 through August 2023 Profit and Loss Report 
June 2023 through August 2023 Balance Sheet 
June 2023 through August 2023 Transaction Report 

o Director Martin pointed out the transfer of money for land acquisition. 

2. Tipping Fee Report: 

Director Martin informed the board of the recent tipping fee reports as presented. It is down 4% for the year.
• Motion to accept the financial reports by R Miller, seconded by D Griesbaum. Motion carries unanimously 5 to 0.

Old Business:
1. Work Keys Testing Monies: Director Martin updated the board on applying for a grant to cover testing for the 2023/24 school year for both schools in the county. There are 139 students at Highland High school and 70 at Canton High School to take tests this year.

2. Missouri Revised Statutes Section 349.045: Director Martin updated the board on 

Representative Sharpe’s recent flyer that mentioned the efforts to take care of this. Director Martin is working with Senator O’Laughlin and Representative Sharpe concerning this. Randy Sharpe arrived at 5:15 pm

3. Bank of Monticello: Director Martin informed the board of his findings pertaining to the unprotected funds and how the IDA is classified as a non-Government entity, but the Port Authority is a government entity. Commerce Bank will protect government entities. 

。 Motion by D Griesbaum, seconded by R Miller, to move monies from the IDA to Port 

Authority pending approval from the auditors. Motion carried 6 to 0. 

4. Hebrews Coffee: Director Martin updated the board that he had spoke with Heather and she did not want to proceed with the project so he reached out to Hebrews that they had an option to proceed with approval of sewer, water, and easement from MoDot for access were obtained by them. 

New Business 

1. Closed Session: none.

2. Building/Parking Lot: Director Martin updated the board on the recent painting of the building and the new sign.

3. Transportation Advisory Council (TAC): Director Martin informed the board that he has been placed on this council and the county also appointed him to the Executive board for the NEMO RPC.

4. Lewistown City Council Meeting: Director Martin with them on 7 August 2023 concerning the solid waste contract and the benefits of making sure that the tipping fees were covered in their contract. The City Council switched back to Republic Services in March. LaBelle is still tied up with their current company for another 3 years, which impacts the tipping fee negatively.

5. Northeast/Northwest meeting: Director Martin updated the board on the recent meeting held in Marceline Missouri.

6. Trussworks: Director Martin informed the board that they recently inquired about property we have.

7. Tri-State Summit: Director Martin informed the board about the forthcoming summit to be held.

8. Thank you from NECAC Back to School Backpack program. 

Next meeting will be on Tuesday 12 December 2023 at 5:00 p.m. 

Adjournment: No further business appearing the meeting was adjourned, motion made by D Griesbaum and seconded by R Miller, by unanimous consent at 5:34 pm. 

Respectfully submitted by 

James E. Ellison, Secretary 

Official Record Clarification: The minutes provided here have been obtained in accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law. Please note that these minutes are provided on this website for convenience and informational purposes only. They are not the official record. For the official record, we encourage you to contact the official custodian of records in charge of the public records for such offices.
Non-Endorsement Statement: The publication of these minutes on The Lewis County Scoop does not constitute an endorsement of any views or opinions expressed therein. They are presented here solely for informational purposes to serve our community’s need for transparency and accessibility to local governance proceedings.

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