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Introducing Nikki Bowen: Lewis County Scoop’s  Travel Columnist

Discovering Great Vacations with Nikki

We’re excited to introduce Nikki Bowen, a contributor to the ‘Travel’ category at the Lewis County Scoop. Nikki is from Lewis County and is a travel agent. She owns Sunrise Travel Agency in Ewing, Mo.

Nikki started her travel agency in 2017, using her love for travel to help others find the best places to relax and have fun. Thanks to her, lots of friends, families, and couples have enjoyed unforgettable trips in Mexico & the Caribbean.

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Nikki’s Specialty: Caribbean and Mexico

Nikki loves planning trips to the Caribbean and Mexico. Whether it’s family trips, fun weekend getaways with friends, romantic breaks, or even weddings abroad, Nikki’s done it all. If you’re looking for recommendations, she loves the Bahamas and Negril, Jamaica.

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Honest Advice Combined With Years Of Travel Experience

She stands out for her trustworthy guidance and insightful tips on international vacations. Skip the overwhelming online reviews; with Nikki, you’re assured up-to-date and top-notch travel advice about everything from passports to Resorts that meet your expectations.

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More About Nikki

Nikki has always called Lewis County, MO home. She’s a loving wife and mom to two wonderful girls. In her free time, Nikki enjoys playing golf at Three Pines Golf Course, being with family, attending concerts, reading, chatting with friends, and always learning new things to help her travel clients.

Keep Up Weekly with Nikki’s Travel Tips

Catch up with Nikki’s travel advice every week at The Lewis County Scoop. Whether you’re a travel pro or a newbie, Nikki has got something for you. She’ll be giving useful tips, special deals, and her top travel product picks to help make your trips enjoyable, and unforgettable.

Nikki’s Pick

Airplane Travel Phone Holder

Tired of holding your phone & trying to get comfortable in your seat? Check out one of Nikki’s favorite new gadgets to make those long airplane rides more enjoyable.

Disclosure: The Lewis County Scoop is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you.) These itty bitty commissions help keep the lights on here in the Lewis County Scoop’s little part of the internet world.

Check back here every week and let Nikki show you how to make the most of your vacation experiences.

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Plan Your Next Trip

Thinking about a beach holiday in Mexico or Jamaica soon? Talk to Nikki and she’ll help you plan an amazing getaway.

You can reach Nikki at Sunrise Travel Agency. And while you’re at it, give her a LIKE, FOLLOW, and SHARE on her page. She’ll really appreciate it!

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