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Meet The Author: Katy Luttrull

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Katy Said It

We’re excited to welcome one of our op-ed columnist, Katy Luttrull to the Lewis County Scoop. Her column, “Katy Said It,” will be featured here every week, exclusively on The Lewis County Scoop. Here’s our introduction to Katy.

A Durham, Mo Native

Have you ever walked the School halls of LaGrange, Ewing, or Highland Elementary? If so, you share a memory with Katy Luttrull, one of our Op-Ed columnists. Just like many in Lewis County, she grew up in Durham, MO. As the youngest of five, her childhood days were filled with the playful chaos and lessons only siblings can offer. As a youngster, you might have seen her on Sundays at Durham Baptist Church, cherishing those shared moments of community worship.

A Love Story Right Here

Some love stories are close to home, aren’t they? Katy and Brent’s is one of them. Maybe you remember them as high school sweethearts? Tying the knot in 2004, they chose to build their life on familiar grounds. With Brent’s farm near Lewistown, it felt right to grow roots and dreams in the same soil many of us call home.

brent and katy luttrull wedding pic

Brent & Katy Luttrull

A Day in Katy’s Life

Everyday heroes often wear the capes of “mom” and “wife”, don’t you think? Katy proudly wears these titles, putting her family at the heart of all she does. And like many of us juggling multiple roles, she’s also deeply involved in the family farm and their shared rental business. Handling finances and paperwork, she’s the behind-the-scenes force ensuring things run smoothly.

Heartfelt Beliefs

Many of us have passions that drive us, and for Katy, her love for Jesus stands tall. Equally, her belief in home education speaks volumes of her dedication to nurturing young minds. And if you’ve ever found yourself lost in a documentary or deep-diving into American History, know that Katy shares that curiosity with you.

Travel Memories Close to Heart

Even if you’re not bitten by the travel bug, there are some trips that stay with you, right? For Katy, it’s the historical allure of Ireland and Italy. Through her words, she might just inspire you to take a trip down memory lane or even plan a new adventure.

brent and katy luttrull wedding pic

Naples, Italy

The Pantheon

Family: The Heart’s Compass

Katy’s world revolves around her family. With two children, Isaac and Mylie, life is a blend of joy, lessons, and memorable moments. Her belief? Everyone deserves a second chance, a sentiment many of us can resonate with. It’s that same forgiving heart and understanding nature that makes her words on The Lewis County Scoop so relatable.

Where Heart Finds Home

For many of us, there’s no place like home. And Katy couldn’t agree more. As you read her upcoming columns, you’ll not only get a glimpse into her world but also find bits of our shared community reflected in her words. Because, after all, Katy Luttrull is one of us.

katy luttrull

Katy Luttrull lives near Lewistown, Missouri. She’s a business owner, farmer’s wife, a mom, and she writes the column “Katy Said It” for The Lewis County Scoop. Join us every week as Katy shares her thoughts, experiences, and opinion on important local topics and issues that directly or indirectly affect all of us here in Lewis County.

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