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Brody Stone of Lewis County Mo riding Motocross at Missouri State.

Brody Hunter Stone – A Rising Star on Missouri’s Motocross Scene

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STEFFENVILLE, MO – Outside the small Lewis County town of Steffenville, Missouri, a young motocross racer named Brody Hunter Stone, at the age of 15, is already making a name for himself on the racing circuit. With an undefeatable spirit, Brody’s journey in motocross racing is a story of grit, talent, and unwavering family support.

Brody Stone of Steffenville Mo.
Brody Stone of Steffenville, Missouri.

Brody’s motocross journey began in 2013, at the age of 6, when his dad bought him a 50cc bike to ride around their farm. That bike sparked something inside of him. His passion for the sport was immediate, and by 2018, he was equipped with his first race bike. Since his official start in racing in 2019, Brody has relied heavily on the steadfast support of his parents, Ryan & Autumn Stone, who have been instrumental in his fast start onto the motocross scene.

His motocross debut at a Missouri State race in Plainview, Mo was as challenging as it was enlightening, offering a tough but valuable learning experience. However, it was his participation in the Spring Creek Pro race in Millville, Minnesota, that stands out as a significant milestone. Competing against numerous riders on a formidable track, Brody secured an impressive 3rd place in the hole shot, showcasing his rapidly growing talent on a bike.

Brody’s training regime is rigorous, involving both on-bike and off-bike exercises. His family’s custom-built track at home, along with training sessions at his friend Brendan’s track, has been crucial in developing his endurance and skills. Off the bike, his routine includes weight and endurance training, essential for maintaining peak physical condition.

In 2023, Brody achieved an exceptional feat, securing 2nd place in three different classes in the State of Missouri. This accomplishment, borne out of intense physical and mental preparation, signifies his dedication and ability to push beyond what some may call human limits. Brody attributes his success to extensive cardio training and resilience, especially during races in extreme heat.

Brody’s racing experience has been significantly influenced by his sponsors, @mbrmerrillbrosracing and @sourcemxgraphics. MBR has been pivotal in preparing his bikes for racing, while Source MX has ensured they look the part with top-notch graphics. Additionally, his mentorship with Brendan Grgurich @grgurich415 has been a key factor in his development as a racer.

The role of Brody’s family in his motocross career cannot be overstated. Their support encompasses everything from financial investment to emotional encouragement. Competing alongside his brother adds a friendly but intense rivalry.

Brody & his Motocross achievements

For the upcoming 2024 season, Brody has set his sights on participating in the nationals at Loretta Lynn’s in Tennessee. This ambitious goal, aiming to compete against top racers worldwide, demonstrates his determination to elevate his career. His primary focus? Speed.

Being homeschooled allows Brody the flexibility to balance his training with academics effectively. His daily routine is a blend of rigorous training and academic responsibilities, a schedule he navigates with the discipline of a seasoned athlete.

For those starting in motocross, Brody’s advice is simple yet powerful: “Don’t give up, keep going.” He emphasizes the importance of learning from losses and using them as a catalyst for improvement, a lesson that extends beyond the racetrack.

When he’s not racing, Brody enjoys a range of outdoor activities, including working out, hunting, shooting trap, gaming, and golf. These interests, along with riding his pit bike around the farm, help him unwind and stay balanced during the off-season.

Brody  Stone’s story is more than a tale of motocross skills; it’s an account of a young man’s journey to find his path, pushed by passion and supported by family. As he races towards a future bright with potential, Brody continues to inspire both on and off the track in Lewis County and beyond.

Read about Brody’s brother, Blake Stone & his pursuit of the checkered flag on Missouri’s motocross circuit.

Brothers Brody & Blake Stone
Brothers Brody & Blake Stone

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