Culver-Stockton Wins Game One, But Pays Dearly

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Culver-Stockton would play its last home series before going on the road to take on Central Methodist Eagles. Coach Gyorkos and his Wildcats continue to battle for a conference playoff spot as they take on the Park Pirates.

Game 1 Wildcats Win 5-4

Anthony Ribes would start the game on the mound for the Wildcats. While Raul Garcia would start for the Pirates. Ribes would throw for 5.1 innings allowing 9 hits, 4 runs, and marking 4 strike outs on 102 pitches. Davin Meier would throw 23 pitches for 1.2 innings allowing 1 hit, and would get marked for the win. Garcia would throw for 6.2 innings allowing for 10 hits, 5 runs. Throwing 120 pitches and marking 8 strike outs, and would get marked the loss.

Bryan Barreto would start the game for the Wildcats as he would bring in Jaison Andujar to get the game going in the first. However the Pirates would respond in the second with two runs on the board. Barreto would respond in the 3rd inning to tie it back up brining in Jordan Scott. The 5th and 6th would see the Pirates put two more runs to knock the cats down. However in the bottom of the second Scott would bring in a run and advance two runners. Finally Barreto would seal the game with a base hit to left center to bring in the two runs needed to win game one.

All stats and info can be found here.

Game 2 Pirates Win 9-2

However after all the celebration was over there was still another game that had to be played and the Pirates made the Wildcats pay dearly.

Clayton Woods would start on the mound for the Wildcats. He would throw for 26 pitches for no outs allowing 6 hits and 8 runs not even recording an inning of play. Braden Taylor would take over throwing 72 pitches for 6 innings allowing 6 hits and 1 run. Liam Taylor would finish the game as he would throw 21 pitches allowing no hits but would walk 2 batters. The Pirates would see Guillermo Gulpi start on the mound throwing for 5 innings allowing 2 runs and notching the win. Sebastian Del Omo would pitch the last 2 innings shutting down the Wildcats offense.

The Pirates would attack Woods as they would put up 8 runs in just the first inning. Woods would end his stay after giving up a 2 run home run. The Wildcats would find 2 runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings of play but both teams offence would be shut down for the rest of the game.

Game 3 Pirates Win 6-2

Sunday would see Nicolas Goebert start on the mound for the Wildcats. He would throw 104 pitches for 5 innings allowing 7 hits, 4 runs only 2 being earned. However he would record 8 strike outs but would get marked the loss. Clay Street would finish the game as he would throw 19 pitches and record 3 hits and 2 runs. The Pirates would see Adam Stilts throw a complete game as he would pitch 90 pitches for 7 innings allowing, 6 hits and 2 runs, 7 strikeouts and getting the win.

The Pirates would go on the attack against Goebert and fielding errors didn’t help the pitcher as the Pirates put up three runs. But the Wildcats wouldn’t go quietly as they were able to bring in a run and make it a two run trail. In the 5th the Pirates would go up three before the Wildcats would bring it back to two. In the end the Wildcats would fall in the 6th and 7th innings as they were unable to get the bats going in the bottom of the seventh.

Game 4 Pirates Win 8-4

The final game would see Cole Parkhill get the start however he would struggle in the first inning of action. Stefan Stockwell would put on a good showing however it wasn’t enough to hold the Pirates back. Bryan Aguirre would start as his unorthodox pitching style would leave the Cats in awe as they struggled to hit. They would later but it was too late. The Pirates would bring in a relief and their closer to end the series.

Heart Standings

Coming into this game the Wildcats were in a three way tie for 8th and now fall to ninth after Mount Mercy and Grand View swept their series. The Wildcats now head to their toughest series yet. Last year the Wildcats pulled an upset winning the CMU series 3-1. They’ll have to dig deep and find that magic again if they wan’t a shot at the playoffs.

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