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Lewis County Ambulance Board Meeting January 2024

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Lewis County Ambulance 

Lewis County Ambulance Board of Directors 

January 18, 2024 

John Waterman called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm on January 18, 2024, at the Lewistown Base. Those present were John Waterman, President, Sharon Scifres, Secretary, Chris Heimer, Sarah Job, Donnie Martin and Martha Bogguss, Administrator. Marsha Allison was absent. 

No Additions to the agenda, Donnie moved to accept the agenda, Chris seconded, motion passed. 

Donnie, seconded by Chris, moved to approve the minutes of December 19, 2023. Motion passed. 

Chris, seconded by Donnie, moved to approve the minutes of the closed session held December 19, 2024. Motion passed 

Financial report: John, seconded by Sharon, moved to approve the financial report. Motion carried. 

Old Business: 

1. Schedule: Still running BLS some days. Some days just have one truck. Trying to keep the trucks going. 

2. Benefits: Aflac came and spoke to some interested employees. Not as many interested as we thought. Will need to sign up for Aflac and Be Well before February 1st. HSA person will take care of the process. PTO for part time will be 6 hrs. for each part time that completes at least 72 hours per month. Can’t carry over extra hours to next month. John, seconded by Sharon, to approve the PTO for part time. Motion carried. There has been a request for the board to consider a retirement benefit. Board decided to table that for now. 

3. Building repair: Tabled until we have someone to give us a bid. 

New Business: 

1. Training Equipment: There is a training mannequin that Barry feels would be helpful for training/practice. The cost is $1,800.00. Martha has applied for a grant to help pay for this. We also need to replace 3 Zoll monitors @ a total of $120,000.00. Martha has also applied for a 50-50 grant for these. 

2. Remount: Martha had the figures for the remount on Medic 2 which is scheduled for April 2024 the cost being $82,000.00. After much discussion, John seconded by Chris, moved to postpone the remount until 2025 and schedule another for 2027. Martha is to put the money $200,000.00 set aside in a CD for the best interest at the time. 3. Medic 1 Repairs: The box on Medic 1 was damaged on the underside by a lift at Gem City Ford. Gem City Ford will pay Osage for the repair 

4. Budget: John reviewed the 2024 Budget figures with an amendment of removing the $40,000.00 under Vehicle Replacement. Chris, moved to approve the budget with the amendment, seconded by Sarah. Motion passed. 

Martha stated that Cassie is going full time. Greg has submitted his resignation as he is retiring in May. He will complete the EMT course he is teaching. 

Chris, seconded by Sarah, moved to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed. 

Submitted by Sharon Scifres 

 John Waterman, President 

Sharon Scifres, Secretary 

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