Andrew Rupcich Culver-Stockton College Alumni played NFL Football with Tennessee Titans

Culver-Stockton College’s Own Andrew Rupcich Plays his First NFL Game

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November 12, 2023 will be a day to remember as Culver-Stockton College Alumni Andrew Rupcich walks on to an NFL field to play in his first NFL game. Andrew Rupcich also known as Rupe grew up in Wonder Lakes Illinois where he played Football and Basketball at McHenry High School, and would play five years of college football in Culver-Stockton College as a left tackle at the NAIA level within the Heart of America. He would play in 48 games and start 48 consecutive times. Three of those years he was named All-American for the same position, the first to do so. Rupe first started catching the eyes of NFL scouts after a 44 yard pass in a mid-season game against nationally ranked Benedictine. 

The clip would make it as far as an NBC Sunday Night Football broadcast where they compared it to Defensive Tackle Dontari Poe who threw a 1 yard touchdown for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2016. Talk around the college was all good things as Rupe continued to progress as a Left Tackle. In 2021, Rupcich would play all 11 games as the cats to an 8-3 record and national ranking of 22nd and graduate after playing his fifth year and would graduate with a degree in Physical Education. 

Andrew Rupcich Culver-Stockton College Alumni played NFL Football with Tennessee Titans
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In April of 2022 Culver-Stockton Fans, Students, and Alumni gathered around their TVs to watch the 87th NFL Draft in anticipation to hear his name get called as everything was looking good for Rupe. To much disappointment Rupe’s name was never heard. However in May of 2022 Andrew Rupcich would be signed to Tennessee Titans as an Undrafted Free Agent and would even play in preseason games to try and earn a spot on the roster. He would be waived by the team and signed to the practice squad on Aug 30th.

Rupe would spend the 2022-23 season in the practice squad as the Titans would go 7-10 missing the playoffs. Come the 23-24 season things were looking about the same as Rupe got time in preseason and was signed to the practice squad and it was looking as if he would spend another season in the squad until week 10. The injured riddled Titans would activate Andrew Rupcich to the active roster ahead of their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rupe finally would get to play an NFL game as the Titans would fall to the Buccaneers 20-6 moving to a 3-6 record. Rupe would be activated again as the Titans moved on to take on divisional rival Jacksonville Jaguars and would get to play as well where the Titans will again fall to a score of 34-14 (3-7). Rupe however would not be reactivated for the week 12 matchup against the Carolina Panthers where the Titans would pick up a win 17-10 (4-7). What’s in store for the former wildcat is up in the air as the Titans continue to find their way back to the playoffs since the 21-22 season as they currently sit in the basement of the AFC South.

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