52nd Annual Highland Tournament has been Completed

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The final rounds of the Highland Tournament has finished. Time to see who walked with hardware. Who has be crowned Champion

Friday saw the Consolation and Third place games starting with the Macon Lady Tigers take on the Kirksville Lady Tigers for the girls consolation. Then the Macon Tigers and Clark County Indians battle for the boys consolation tournament. For lady’s third place matchup the Highland Cougars battled the Canton Tigers. While the boys saw Kirksville Tigers take on the Keokuk Chiefs.

Consolation Championship

Macon Lady Tigers vs. Kirksville Lady Tigers

This competition stayed close all they way through as both Tigers teams did not want to walk home empty handed. Kirksville would take the lead in the first with a score of 1-1. Macon would tie it up in the 2nd as it would end the half with a score of 17-17. In the third Macon would take the lead as they would head to the 4th with a score of 31-29. In the end the fouls would get the better of the Kirksville Tigers as Macon would win the game 46-35.

Macon Tigers vs. Clark County Indians

The Macon Tigers came in looking to sweep the Consolation. All that stood in their way was the Clark County Indians. The Macon Tigers immediately got to work on what they do best as they locked down the paint.

Clark County struggled to get in the paint early so they adjusted and changed their strategy. The Indians would start hitting mid range twos and big threes while Macon continued to battle lurking behind the Indians.

Clark County would lead every quarter as the 1st ended 8-7. The 2nd would end 21-13. 3rd would end 34-21. The Macon Tigers would rally in the 4th however Clark county would take the game 47-38.

3rd Place Championship

Canton Lady Tigers vs. Highland Lady Cougars

A Lewis County showdown as Canton and Highland look to take 3rd place. Both schools had a huge showing as there were two student sections both getting loud and rowdy.

This game I saw being very closely contested. And the 1st quarter would prove it as Highland would take the lead of 8-6. While the 2nd quarter would see the Cougars extend their lead but Canton wasn’t falling behind as the half would end 18-13.

However the second half would see a change in tone as Highland would run the score board 33-18, while Canton was struggling to find the net and drawing too many fouls as the foul count was 5-1. The 4th quarter would see the Cougars take the win 42-27. However these teams will meet again January 9th @Highland High School at 7:30 PM.

Kirksville Tigers vs. Keokuk Chiefs

To end the Thursday night, the #1 seed Kirksville would take on the #3 Keokuk. This game was a battle up and down the night. While the Tigers would lead the night the Chiefs were right on their heels.

Scores for the night would be 17-13 in the first, 30-23 to end the half, 38-36 to bring in the 4th. However coach Zach Summers was not going home empty handed as they would rally early and gain the lead. But the Tigers wouldn’t go quietly as they would still battle but in the end the Chiefs would win with a score of 53-47.

Championship Games

Keokuk Lady Chiefs vs. Palmyra Lady Panthers

This game saw the #1 seed Palmyra Lady Panthers look for their 14th championship in the Highland tournament. While the #2 seed Keokuk Lady Chiefs look for their first. in the 1st Keokuk took a huge early lead as they took it 10-2. Heading into the second Palmyra was not going to let them get too far as they would rally back. But Keokuk would take the Half 17-15.

Both teams would put on a classic as this game was huge back and forth. Both teams answering after one another. However the biggest problem for the Lady Panthers would be travels as Keokuk would take the third 30-24. And in the end Keokuk would win 48-40 to claim their first Highland Tournament Championship.

Canton Tigers vs. Palmyra Panthers

This game saw a rematch as the Canton Tigers faced off with the panthers of Palmyra back on December 1st. Canton came in looking for their 7th title in the tournament, while Palmyra would look for their 12th and pass Highland in championships.

Canton came into the first half strong as they stayed close to the Panthers with the 1st quarter ending with a 10-8 Palmyra lead. The second would see the same as Palmyra kept the lead 20-15.

However the Second Half would too much as Canton was unable to shut down the three’s or the paint, and got handed 2 technical fouls. The third would end 46-28 Palmyra and the fourth would see the end as Palmyra wins their 12 Highland Tournament with a score of 66-43.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations to all the teams and their performances. We really have some amazing talent in the Tri-State Area. Palmyra, Canton, Highland, and Clark County will be seen in the 81st Tony Lenzini Tournament starting January 15th at Palmyra Highschool.

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