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Brody Stone Motocross racer from Lewis County Missouri town of Steffenville, Mo

Chasing the Checkered Flag – Blake Archer Stone’s Motocross Pursuit

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STEFFENVILLE, MO – In the heart of Lewis County, Missouri, 17-year-old Blake Archer Stone is carving out his name in the competitive arena of motocross racing. With a blend of natural talent and unwavering commitment, Blake’s story is one of personal growth, ambition, and a unique path he’s paving in a sport shared passionately with his brother Brody. 

Blake Stone at Motocross Race in Missouri
Blake Stone of Steffenville, Missouri.

The oldest son of Ryan and Autumn Stone, Blake’s introduction to motocross racing was a family affair, with his younger brother taking the lead in 2019. Inspired by his younger sibling, Blake followed suit a year later, quickly proving he was also a natural on the track. Now in his fourth year of racing, he credits his mom and dad as the foundation of his success. They provided financial support and built a practice track at home, where Blake spent hours honing his skills.

His debut race took place at HLR in Moberly, MO, a perfect setting for beginners. But it was riding the Millville track in Minnesota, a professional circuit track, that stands out as a highlight in Blake’s racing journey. This experience really marked his transition from amateur tracks to more challenging terrains, showcasing his growing motocross skills.

Blake emphasizes the importance of strength training and endurance in motocross. These qualities were put to the test during the 2023 Missouri State Series. Despite facing an injury with only two races left, Blake’s determination didn’t waver. He persevered, motivated by his personal goal to finish in the top five. 

The significance of community in motocross cannot be overstated, and Blake is a testament to this. He speaks highly of his track friends, who have become like family, offering mutual support and encouragement. The sense of camaraderie at the track is essential to his time at the events.

2023 marked Blake’s final year racing on 125s, a period filled with memorable races alongside his brother and friends. Looking ahead, he’s excited about moving up to 250s, anticipating the new challenges and opportunities this transition will bring. His goal for the 2024 season is clear: to master the 250 class and do his best to remain injury-free.

Blake advises those starting out in motocross to stick with it and never give up. His journey shows that young riders can achieve great things with dedication and hard work. His accomplishment of moving up into the 250 class is a testament to that.

Outside the racetrack, Blake is a young man of other talents as well. His interests include trap shooting and performing in shows at the Quincy Community Theatre. Being homeschooled has allowed him to balance his racing commitments with other activities effectively.

Blake Archer Stone’s story is not just about motocross racing; it’s about the journey of a young man from Steffenville, MO, who has embraced his passion with determination and goals. His life inspires aspiring riders and the community, proving that one can achieve their dreams with support, hard work, and persistence.

For those who missed it, make sure to check out last week’s feature on Blake’s brother, Brody Stone, and his own motocross adventures.

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