City of Ewing Missouri Sept 2023 City Council Meeting Minutes

City of Ewing – Sept 2023 Minutes

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EWING, MO 63440

Sept 12, 2023

The City Council was called to order by Mayor Dean Wagy. Aldermen in
attendance were Alan Toliver, Simon Thrower, Cliff Wade, and Alderwoman Susie Wood.

Guests were Ruthie Jones and Philip Schmitz

No formal report was given by Park Committee, however those from the City
Council reported that they thought everyone had a good time, the Fire Department
provided a roasted pork sandwich for a donation and sold out, and had a band for

Agenda: Alan Toliver made a motion to accept the agenda, seconded by Simon
Thrower. Motion carried.

Minutes from August 8, 2023 were reviewed. Cliff Wade made a motion to accept
the minutes. Motion was seconded by Susie Wood. Motion carried.

City Bills were reviewed. Alan Toliver made a motion to accept the City bills,
seconded by Susie Wood. Motion carried.

Sewer Bills were reviewed. C1iff Wade made a motion to accept the Sewer bills.
Simon Thrower seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Sewer Report and Pump Issues : Mayor Wagy reported he had contacted Ideal
Landscape Group to help with giving a better idea how to handle the spray field
efficiently. This company was one who did bid on the spray field work but was
outbid by Rain Bird Irrigation Systems. We have contacted Rain Bird before about
our problems, but they do not seem to help us understand how to control our
system. Ideal Landscape Group sent a person who talked to the Mayor and helped
him understand why the system was kicking off unexpectedly. The bill was $977
for the service. Simon Thrower made a motion to pay the bill. Alan Toliver
seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Pump Issues: Hadfield Pumps are not working independently. A maintenance
person is coming from Hydro-Kinetics Corp. from St. Louis to check things out.

Clarice (by Marlow’s) pumps is having problems with grease coming from town.
Canton’s jetter and crew is coming to knock down the grease from the sides of the
pit and Donnie Martin’s crew is coming to clean up the pit. This seems to be a
yearly problem and can only be solved by Nee Nee’s Cafe and Johnnie’s 66
Service which has a Deli.

We have contacted both of these businesses before about having grease traps to
stop the grease from going down the drain and into the pump station. Once again,we may need to remind them.

Alan Toliver asked about the air conditioning in the pump stations and Dean stated
that the issues have been corrected.

The tractor’s air conditioning has stopped working and will be repaired by us as the
warranty has expired on March 2022.

Nikki Bowen is training our new hire Shirley Robertson until the end of October.

We will need to get signatures changed on Sewer accounts: checking account,
savings account, and CD accounts. Cliff Wade made a motion to have signatures
on all accounts at United State Bank for the Sewer Department. Nikki Bowen will
be leaving and Shirley Robertson will be taking her place. The motion was
seconded by Alderwoman Susie Wood. Motion carried.

Nikki would like the City Council to consider taking money from the Sewer
savings account to purchase another CD as the rates have gone up. She
recommends $25,000 for 8 months. Alan Toliver made a motion to have Nikki and
Shirley check into this and purchase the new CD for $25,000. This was secondedby Susie Wood. Motion carried.

With no farther business, Mayor Wagy closed the regular meeting and asked the
guests to leave as we had a Special Closed Meeting to attend to.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Cheryl M. Thrower
Ewing City Clerk

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