Ewing, Mo City Council Meeting Minutes October 2023

City of Ewing – October 2023 Minutes

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Oct 10, 2023

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Dean Wagy, Aldermen in attendance were Clifford Wade, Alan Toliver, Simon Thrower and Alderwornan Susie Wood.

Agenda was reviewed and Susie Wood motion to agree with the agenda. Cliff Wade seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Meeting was turned over to the Mayor Pro-Tem, Cliff Wade, to open the bid for snow removal. Only one bid was turned in. Cliff Wade opened the bid and it was for Quality Concrete & Plumbing, the Mayor’s business. Simon Thrower made a motion to accept the bid and Alan Toliver seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Row call was administered. Alan Toliver voted yes, Susie Wood voted yes, and Simon Thrower voted yes. Cliff Wade turned the business meeting back over to Mayor Dean Wagy.

Minutes from the September meeting were reviewed. Simon Thrower made a motion to accept the minutes, seconded by Cliff Wade. Motion carried.

City Bills were reviewed. Cliff Wade made a motion to accept the city bills. Motion was seconded by Susie Wood. Motion carried.

Sewer Bills were reviewed. Shirley Robertson, our new Sewer Clerk, answered any questions pertaining to the sewer bills. Cliff Wade made a motion to accept the sewer bills, seconded by Simon Thrower. Motion carried.

Sewer Report. Mayor Way has contacted Adam Collins about being our part-time Certified Sewer Man. He found his certification had lapsed so he was going to get recertified as soon as possible.

Mayor Wagy checked on the spray field and found that the agreement with Andrew Wiskirchen was ending and the cattle had been moved back into Andrew’s pasture. Having the cows in the spray field worked out rather well. The grass and weeds were managed by the cows with little disruption to the spraying. Alan Toliver made a motion to allow an agreement again with Andrew Wiskirchen. Cliff Wade seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Abandoned unlicensed vehicles: Aldermen wanted to start proceedings against Bob May. City Clerk sent a certified letter to Bob May. He came and talked to the City Clerk about the problem. He said he would move what he could to his farm outside the city and straighten the vehicles up in the yard at his house in the city limits. He also told us that he has a business call Bob Mays Repair Shop and has a license from Lewis County. Several of the vehicles need parts that have been ordered but have not come in yet. Bob said that Jeff May is the mechanic he uses to help when the repair is beyond Bob’s expertise. Bob also came in and paid all his taxes before the clerk sent them out. Bob was getting ready to go to Texas with his family for the winter. He will be back in April. Tabled for now.

With no further business, Cliff Wade made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Susie Wood seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Next meeting will be November 14th, 2023.

Respectfully Submitted
By Cheryl M. Thrower

Sept 2023 City of Ewing City Council Minutes

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