Lewistown, Mo City Council Meeting November 2023

City of Lewistown – November 2023 Minutes (UN-APPROVED)

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Please Note: These are the un-approved minutes for November 2023 Lewistown City Council Meeting

November 6, 2023

Mayor McKenzie called the meeting to order with Aldermen Lay, Huebotter, Geisendorfer and Sharpe, Treasurer Lori Washburn, Troy TenEyck and Clerk Shirley Hetzler in attendance.

Motion was made by Alderman Sharpe to pay Larry Lay $11,350.00 for 78 ½ hrs. of tree trimming at the rate of $100/hr. previously agreed to and for removal of the Darnell tree along Route 6 ($3,500.00), and from this day forward to require proof of insurance for any tree work to be done.  Alderman Huebotter seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made and seconded by Aldermen Huebotter and Lay respectively.  Motion carried.

Motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting was made by Alderman Geisendorfer and seconded by Alderman Huebotter.  Motion carried.

Regarding sewer/water/trash matters, additional ruts being made with the track filler at the irrigation site was discussed.  Completion of the lead and copper testing project will be halted for the remainder of this year and finalized in 2024.

The Clerk advised the Billy Davis nuisance violation court case is scheduled for November 13, 2023. Alderman Lay will attend on behalf of the City.

A second nuisance violation letter having been sent, review of the Edwin Ellis hayfield has not yet been made but will be tended to shortly.  The Council reiterated its position of no hayfields within the City limits of Lewistown.

The Council has still received no response from MODOT regarding requirements for the City’s replacement of tubes along Route 6 in City limits.

Discussion was continued from prior meetings on tree planting in the park and the Conservation grant program.  Mayor McKenzie and Alderman Lay will proceed with arranging for the purchase and planting of 10 trees in the park as previously discussed.  Treatment of the smaller ash trees was briefly discussed but no action taken.

The Council has received correspondence stating Ameren will be constructing a new substation outside of town and will be rebuilding its existing substation on the current site; therefore, no expansion onto the City road right-of-way will be made.

The Council was advised of damage by a large tree limb to part of the sidewalk along Route 6 near the Patterson residence.  Mayor McKenzie will contact the tree trimmer regarding repairs.

Status of the former Depot was briefly discussed but no action taken as the City is not responsible for this property.

The Clerk advised of receipt of a recent letter regarding an ongoing request of minutes and agenda from the new entity “The Lewis County Scoop” and our intended compliance under the Sunshine Law. 

The City has received a minimal 2023 tax bill from Lewis County regarding the Emmanuel Farris property which was purchased at the August tax sale.  It was agreed to pay the bill until the City retains legal ownership and the tax bill will cease.

A citizen’s request for a ‘no parking’ sign and complaints of Veda Shults blocking an alley have been received.  Mayor McKenzie will contact Ms. Shults in an attempt to resolve the situation.

Alderman Lay advised of the halting of the sidewalk project due to the relocation to another state of the person working on the grant.

The Council was advised there should be no further anonymous posts on the Lewistown Facebook page as settings have been changed to alleviate issues being caused by these posts.

Being no further business to come before the meeting, motion to adjourn was made by Alderman Sharpe and seconded by Alderman Geisendorfer.  Motion carried and the meeting adjourned.

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