Lewis County Missouri Salary Commission Approved Minutes

August 2023 Salary Commission Minutes – Lewis County, Mo

August 17, 2023

Lewis County Salary Commission Meeting MInutes

The Lewis County Salary Commission met August 17, 2023, at 10:00 a.m. notice having been previously given as required by law pursuant to Section 50.333 RSMo. As requested by Coroner Arnold.

Present: Circuit Clerk Julie George did a roll call on those present: County Clerk Shannon Sapp, Recorder of Deeds Amy Parrish- by phone, Prosecuting Attorney Chelsea Fe11inger, Southern Commissioner Travis Fleer, Northern Commissioner Deanne Whiston, Presiding Commissioner Wayne Murphy Jr., Sherrif Parrish, Assessor Tammy Logsdon, Collector Lay, Treasurer Roberson, Coroner Arnold and Public Administrator Luke Barton.

Circuit Clerk George called the meeting to order and asked for a nomination for a chairperson. Sheriff Parrish made a motion to nominate Chelsea Fellinger as Chairperson. Commissioner Murphy seconded the motion and votes were unanimous to appoint Mrs. Fellinger as the Chairwoman. Circuit Clerk George said she would turn the meeting over to Mrs. Fellinger as the Chairwoman and she left the meeting.

Clerk Sapp passed out minutes from the previous Salary Commission meeting on November 8, 2021 for the elected officials to review. Commissioner Murphy made a motion to approve the previous meeting minutes. Commissioner Fleer seconded the motion, Votes were unanimous to approve the minutes of November 8, 2021.

Chairwoman Fellinger asked for a financial report from County Clerk Sapp. Clerk Sapp passed out fund balances as of August 16, 2023, sales tax charts, and valuation reports. Clerk Sapp said that sales tax numbers were up and were projected to come in above what was budgeted. Clerk Sapp stated that assessed valuation for the County was up nearly $2.8 million from 2022.

Commissioner Fleer made a motion to raise Coroner Arnold’s pay $14,000.00 to bring his salary to the $28,000.00 maximum. Commissioner Murphy seconded; Roll Call vote to raise Coroner Arnold’s pay $14,000.00 to bring his salary to the $28,000.00 maximum: County Clerk Shannon Sapp- yes, Recorder of Deeds Amy Parrish- yes, Prosecuting Attorney Chelsea Fellinger- yes, Southern Commissioner Travis Fleer- yes, Northern Commissioner Deanne Whiston- yes, Presiding Commissioner Wayne Murphy Jr- yes., Sherrif David Parrish- yes, Assessor Tammy Logsdon- yes, Collector Lay- yes, Treasurer Roberson- yes, Coroner Arnold- yes, and Public Administrator Luke Barton- yes, and votes were unanimous.

Commissioner FIeer made a motion to adjourn, second by Commissioner Murphy, Chairwoman Fellinger asked all in favor: all said yes.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chelsea Fellinger
Salary Commission Chairman 11/6/2023

Shannon Sapp
Salary Commission Clerk 11/6/2023

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