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Remington Yates: A Voice of Sports in Lewis County

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A Journey In Sports Journalism

Remington Yates, Tyler Tomlinson, Luke Schoenfielder
Left To Right: Remington Yates, Tyler Tomlinson, Luke Schoenfielder

Behind the Scenes at Culver-Stockton

As a Sports Network Producer, Remington plays a crucial role in bringing live Culver games to viewers. From graphics to occasional game calling and mentoring students, he’s at the heart of the broadcast. “Culver taught me everything – from understanding stats to appreciating the nuances of each game,” he shares.

Championing the Underrepresented Sports

A Memorable Broadcast

remington yates sports journalist lewis county scoop, Lewis County Missouri
Luke Schoenfielder & Remington Yates

Why The Lewis County Scoop?

A Vision for Local Sports

Community at Heart

Engagement Through Journalism

The Future of Lewis County Sports

Advice for Aspiring Journalists

Influential Figures in Sports

Wrapping Up

While Remington will strive to cover as much sports as possible, we welcome the community’s involvement in bringing comprehensive sports coverage to Lewis County. If you have an exciting local sports story, video, photos from local games, or updates on game scores, Remington would love to hear from you! 

SPorts Director

Remington Yates

“Remington Yates, a dedicated sports enthusiast and native of the Canton-Monticello area, serves as The Lewis County Scoop’s Sports Director. Graduating from Highland and Culver-Stockton College, he brings a blend of local insights and professional expertise to the people of Lewis County.

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