Culver-Stockton Softball Honors Seniors with Home Wins

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April 27th would see the Culver-Stockton Softball team honor their seniors. But they will also have to compete with the Clarke Pride in double header action in their last game of the season.

Game 1 Wildcats WIN 9-6 in 8 Innings

Senior #28 Makayla Slavik would start for the cats in game one. While Meredith Gatto would start for the Pride. The first inning would see little action. But the Wildcats would look hot in the bottom of the second as Seniors Rosa Anguiano and Aspyn Harrison would hit back to back home runs to put the cats up 2-0. However the Pride would tie it up in the 4th. The tying run coming from a controversial obstruction call. The Pride would then score two more runs in the 4th. This inning would end Slavik’s day and bring in Aspyn Harrison.

The 5th would see the Pride score yet another run after a bases loaded hit by pitch to bring in Kaylie Holtam. This would make the game 5-2. However the Wildcats would show signs of life as Lacy Stamper would sacrifice fly to bring in Shelby Daniels. Haley Gedros would follow by hitting a single to bring in senior Alexis Davis. It would become a one run game as it would be 5-4.

Cats Rally Begins

However the Pride would find home again as a wild pitch would allow Kynadee Harris to score making it 6-4. The Wildcats would dig down deep as Gedros would hit a double to start. Kataleena Hunt would sacrifice fly to send Gedros to third. Anguiano would sac fly as well to bring in Gedros to make it a one run game. Ryley Pecina would double to keep the cats alive on their last out. Harrison would single to bring in Pecina and a fielding error would send her to second. The game was tied, however Selena Guzman would fly out and send the game into extra innings.

The Wildcats would back up Harrison as they would get the 3 outs and look to win the game. Brylee Throgmorton and Davis would both be gotten out as the cats already down to their last out of the inning. But Stamper would get walked. Gedros would single to right field as Stamper would run to third and the throw would be in time and was called out. However, the umps would come together and declare obstruction and the runner is safe. Hunt would then hit a bomb down the right field line to win the game for the Wildcats 9-6.

Game 1 Stats

Slavik would throw 63 pitches for 3.2 innings, allowing 6 hits, and 4 runs, 1 walk and 2 strike outs. Harrison would throw 63 pitches for 4.1 innings, allowing 4 hits, 2 runs, only 1 earned, 1 walk and gained 3 srikeouts. She would get the win going 4-6 on the season. Gatto would pitch a complete game throwing 126 pitches allowing 11 hits, 9 runs, 7 earned, 5 walks, 3 homeruns, but getting 4 strike outs. Gatto would get marked the loss she will end the season 5-9.

Senior Day Festivities

In between the games the Wildcats would honor six seniors. The Wildcats would honor #10 Aspyn Harrison, #8 Alexis Davis, #2 Selina Guzman, #30 Rosa Anguiano, #18 Faith McCoskey, and #28 Makayla Slavik. A good portion of seniors who had incredible collegiate careers. We wish these six the best in their future.

Game 2 Wildcats Win 11-3 in 5 Innings

Game 2 would see Penny Ruiz start in the circle. For the Pride they would start Payge Pyszka. The first inning would see a quick strike out before Daija Bates would hit a home run. Ruiz would have to battle as she gave up another run before getting the last outs needed. The Wildcats would then get to work as Stamper and Gedros would get on base. Hunt would sac fly as Stamper would score. Pecina would single to bring in Gedros. The second would see Grace Utz get on base, as Ashby would triple to bring in a run. Briese would sac fly as Ashby would be allowed to score to make it a 4-2 game.

The Pride would get a run as Harris would bring in Holtam to make it a one run game. The rest of the game would be all Wildcats as Utz would bring in Pecina to make it a two run game again. The 4th would see Briese reach on error, Stamper would get walked, and Gedros would single to get the bases loaded. The Pride would make a pitching change as Kataleena Hunt was up to bat.

Ella Wetjen would come in and get Hunt out. But Pecina would get a piece and would get a bases loaded grand slam to put the Wildcats up 9-3. The bases would get loaded again and Wetjen would walk in a run before ending her day as Gatto would return to the circle. A sac fly would bring in one more run as they head to the 5th. Penny Ruiz shuts down the Pride offense and the cats win their last game.

Game 2 Stats

Penny Ruiz would pitch a complete game, throwing 68 pitches for 5 inning allowing, 6 hits, 1 home run, 3 runs, and getting 3 strike outs. Penny gets the win and goes 7-7 on the season.

Meanwhile, Pyszka would get the loss throwing 67 pitches for 3 innings, allowing 8 hits, 8 runs, 7 earned, and 2 walks. Wetjen would throw 21 pitches for 0.1 innings allowing 3 runs. Gatto would throw 5 pitches for 0.2 innings

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