Lewis County Missouri Commissioners Meeting Minutes Nov 6th, 2023

April 15th – Lewis County Commission

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April 15, 2024 

The Commission met pursuant to order of adjournment on April 8, 2024, with Presiding Commissioner Wayne Murphy Jr., Associate Commissioner Deanne Whiston was present. When and where the following proceedings were had to wit: Commissioner Murphy called the meeting to order: 

Minutes: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve minutes for April 8, 2024. Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 2-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve timecards from March 31st- April 1st, Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 2-0. 

Bills: Commissioner Whiston motioned to approve the payments of warrants #31894-31914 from General Revenue, warrants #22169-22171 from Road & Bridge, warrants #5759-5760 from the Assessment, warrants #20920-20928 from L.E.O.F, and warrants # from Co Farm. Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 2-0. 

Road & Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Larry Janes and Secretary Colclough were present. Groomed roads- #516, 522, 513, 528 

Continued hauling conservation rock 

Commissioner Murphy signed the progress invoice #8 for Orange Street bridge from Howe 

Started hauling county rock (dead ends and cities) 

Hauled cemetery rock 

Bladed roads- #439, 482, 347, 356, 359, 319, 318, 316, 335 

Supervisor Janes stabilized the south entrance steps 

Picked up the 2005 Mack from Robert’s- it had an air leak 

Other Business: Renodry USA asked if the commission had made a decision- the commission. are not making a decision at this time 

March sales tax came in 

Tom Dickerson met with the commission regarding landscaping- he will get back to the commission with specs in a few days 

Clerk Sapp called Tom Neiman to bury an electric wire and reconnect the outlet to the courthouse 

Clerk Sapp ordered a 4- and 6-foot bench for the sheriff’s office- to match the rest of the courthouse 

Clerk Sapp asked about adding a Special prosecutor line item# to the budget next year 

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn to Monday, April 22, 2024, by Commissioner Murphy, Commissioner Murphy agreed, passed 2-0. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Shannon Sapp, County Clerk 

Wayne Murphy Jr., Presiding Commissioner 
Travis Fleer, Southern Commissioner- Absent 
Whiston Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner

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