Lewis County Missouri Commissioners Meeting Minutes Nov 6th, 2023

March 4th, 2024 – Lewis County Commission

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March 4, 2024 

Commission met pursuant to order of adjournment on February 26, 2024, with Presiding Commissioner Wayne Murphy Jr., Associate Commissioners Travis Fleer, and Deanne Whiston present. When and where the following proceedings were had to wit: Commissioner Murphy called the meeting to order: 

Minutes: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve minutes for February 26, 2024. Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Fleer agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve timecards from February 18th- March 2nd, Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Fleer agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Bills: Commissioner Fleer motioned to approve the payments of warrants #31799-31815 from General Revenue, warrants #22119-22128 from Road & Bridge, warrants #5746-5748 from the Assessment, warrants #20879-20885 from L.E.O.F, and warrants #1164 from Co Farm. Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Road & Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Larry Janes and Secretary Colclough were present. 1993 Mack dump truck was taken to Quincy Mack for brakes 

2019 Ford to Robert’s Garage for power steering 

1993 pup trailer new side boards 

2015 Ford plow and sander off 

2018 Ford installed new battery 

Bladed- #264, 287, 259, 256, 261, 285, 283, 268, 281, 248, 297, 390, 395 & 399 

Cleaned shop and bathroom 

Cleaned around the shop 

Brian Jennings work 5.5 hours on Saturday 

IMI offered to fix the tractor for free and pick it 


Commissioner Fleer suggested road and bridge get a load of black dirt to fill in around the courthouse 

Meeting: The commissioners were at CCAM in Margaritaville resort from February 28th to March 1st 

Other Business: Mowing bid will run in the paper March 11th and 18th then open bids the 25th 

Clerk Sapp submitted court order reports for February 

Clerk Sapp submitted the February budget report 

Sheriff Parrish gave the commission a memo stating the back porch heating & air unit needs replaced- Elam had a quote for $2570.00 for replacement and $5000.00 for a mini split option Commissioner Whiston made a motion to replace the back porch heating & air unit from Elam for $2570.00 to be paid out of line item #101-040-655000 repair & upkeep. Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Fleer agreed. Approved 3-0. 

The commission approved paying Kern Accounting Services, LLC $487.50 for December, January, and February services 

Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve the quote for tuckpointing and sealing the courthouse, annex, and sheriff’s office from Dixson Tuckpointing, LLC for $23,800.00. $11,900.00 will be paid now and $11,900.00 when work is complete $16,600.77 to be paid from line item #101-135-770031 LATCF fund and $6,936.73 from line item #101-040-655000 repair & upkeep- only after the W-9 and proof of insurance are received. Commissioner Fleer seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Recorder Parrish submitted her February report 

Recorder Parrish met with the commission about wanting to digitally archive her records- the commission let Recorder Parrish know she will need to bid it out and have it in the paper for 2 weeks and then open bids 

Kelly Kern said the county will need a single audit- Clerk Sapp emailed Stopp and VanHoy to ask if the old quote they won for 2022 would still be available- Mollie said she would review their schedule and the previous pricing and she what she could do and get back to the Clerk Sapp 

Kelly Kern said the LATCF report is due 3-31-24 and the ARPA report will be due in April 

Commissioner Fleer made a motion that now that Heartland Resources has hired an Executive Director, they have reconsidered the original application and agreed to provide an additional $40,000 to them from the Arpa Fund. Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn to Monday, March 11, 2024, by Commissioner Fleer, Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Whiston agreed, passed 3-0. 

Respectfully submitted: 


Shannon Sapp, County Clerk 

Wayne Murphy Jr., Presiding Commissioner 

Travis Fleer, Southern Commissioner 

Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner 

Official Record Clarification: The minutes provided here have been obtained in accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law. Please note that these minutes are provided on this website for convenience and informational purposes only. They are not the official record. For the official record, we encourage you to contact the official custodian of records in charge of the public records for such offices.
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