Lewis County Missouri Commissioners Meeting Minutes Nov 6th, 2023

November 20th, 2023 Lewis County Commission Minutes

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November 20, 2023 

Commission met pursuant to order of adjournment on November 13, 2023, with Associate Commissioners Travis Fleer and Deanne Whiston present. When and where the following proceedings were had to wit: Commissioner Whiston called the meeting to order: 

Minutes: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve minutes for November 13, 2023. Commissioner Fleer seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Fleer motioned to approve the payment of warrants #203240-203242 from General fund, warrants #203243-203248 from Road & Bridge fund, warrants #203249 from Assessment fund, and warrant #203250 from LEOF. Commissioner Whiston agreed. Approved 2-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Fleer motioned to approve the payment by EFTP of warrants #2330- 2345 from General fund, warrants #2346-2347 from Road & Bridge fund, warrants #2348-2349 from Assessment fund, and warrant #2350-2356 from LEOF fund. Commissioner Whiston agreed. Approved 2-0. 

Bills: Commissioner Fleer motioned to approve the payments of warrants #31602-31612 from General Revenue, warrants #22016-22021 from Road & Bridge, warrants #5710-5712 from the Assessment, warrants #20790-20791 from L.E.O.F, and warrants #from Co Farm. Commissioner Whiston agreed. Approved 2-0.

Road & Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Larry Janes and Secretary Colclough were present. Finished hauling winter rock on hills 

Cleaning bridges 

Worked on tractor mower 

Grader work, cutting holes & ditching- #340, 399, 397, 392, 393, 382, 391, 341, 348, 326, 367, 217, 216, 332, 222, 215, 212, 204, 219, 208, 211, 214, 224 

Picked up 2023 Ford and ordered the plates from MVE

Mowed- #528 before the mower broke down 

Discussed hiring part time employees- will discuss more next week 

Discussed getting the sure- flow diesel instead of the 70/30 next time 

Discussed getting a brush hog for the new tractor- will discuss more next week 

Commissioner Whiston signed the title and title app for the new 2023 Fork pick up- the check was overnighted to Machens Ford

MoDot will be working on highways N, P, and K getting overlaid and outer portion of 61 to the overpass on P at Canton to highway C then highways N & K- patching and sealing on AA, BB, E, F, O and business 61

Robert Dodd resigned effective immediately due to health issues

Discussed checking on the dollar limit you are allowed on Lagers and CERF to make in a year- Commissioner Fleer suggested raising the dollar amount if it would help the road and bridge department with potential employees 

Other Business: Commissioner Murphy, Clerk Sapp and Deputy Sly are at MAC conference 

The commission received a letter from the Missouri State Public Defender- regarding the county budget 

The title for the new road and bridge truck was received and secretary Colclough sent payment 

Preapproved soft match paperwork for bridge #28000018 was received

Deputy Sly submitted the leave balance report for 10/29-11/11

Circuit Clerk George passed out the Salary commission meeting December 8th notices 

Treasurer Roberson has a authorization letter for the commission to sign regarding the $420 to pay Kern Accounting

Clerk Sapp did the holiday and payroll schedule for the commission to look over and approve 

Clerk Sapp needs to check Lagers about increasing part-time hours- David Keith says its at 1000 and we need to check into increasing it so he can work more hours 

Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve January 1 & 15, February 19, May 8 &27, July 4, September 2, October 14, November 11, 28 & 29, and December 24 & 25 for the 2024 courthouse holidays. Commissioner Fleer agreed. Approved 2-0.

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn to Monday, November 27, 2023, by Commissioner Fleer. Commissioner Whiston agreed, passed 2-0.

Respectfully submitted: 

Shannon Sapp, County Clerk


Wayne Murphy Jr., Presiding Commissioner- Absent

Travis Fleer, Southern Commissioner 

Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner

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