Ewing Mo City Council Board Meeting Minutes

City of Ewing January 9/16th Minutes

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January 9/16, 2024 7:00 pm 

The Ewing City Council was called to order by Mayor Dean Wagy. Aldermen in attendance were Alan Toliver, Simon Thrower, and Cliff Wade. Susie Wood was not feeling well. 

The agenda was reviewed and there were no additions. Simon Thrower made a motion to accept the agenda, seconded by Alan Toliver. Motion carried. 

Minutes from the December 9/16 meeting were reviewed. The meeting was postponed from the 9th to the 16th because of a snow storm. Cliff Wade made a motion to accept the minutes from the December meeting. The motion was seconded by Simon Thrower. Motion carried. 

City Bills were reviewed. A question about a culvert pipe purchase from D&K pipe suppliers came up. Mayor Wagy explained that on a property on Cherry Street owned by Leanna Miller, needed a culvert pipe and Leanna’s husband Robert Reed Miller had equipment already on the premises and put it in place. Robert had been cleaning up the old homestead property. With no further discussion, Cliff Wade made a motion to accept the City Bills, seconded by Alan Toliver. The motion carried. 

Sewer Bills were reviewed. With no discussion, Simon Thrower made a motion to accept the Sewer Bills, seconded by Cliff Wade. The motion carried. 

Sewer Update. Mayor Wagy discussed how easy it was to get the spray field ready for winter with the air compressor that he had borrowed for the past two years. We need to get one as we do not live close to Quincy or Kirksville to rent one each year. The owner of the one we used, wanted to sell it as he didn’t use it much. Simon Thrower made a motion to purchase it from Candi and Cory Campbell for their asking price of $5000. Cliff Wade seconded the motion. Alan Toliver agreed. A roll call vote was taken: Simon yes, Cliff yes, and Alan yes. It will be housed in the big shed behind City Hall. 

Cheryl Thrower and Shirley Robertson, the clerks, have been working on learning how to do the Sewer reports that were not completed from previous months. We are working on getting everything caught up so our new Sewer Operator, Ron Conger, can start off without all the previous problems. 

Mayor Wagy discussed with the board the problem with the spray field pump. He had a company check it out and found that some- thing had fallen down inside it and broke the impellers off. Dean is talking to Rain Bird to see how much it would cost to replace it. The company that inspected it wanted $18,000 to replace it. Hopefully Rain Bird will be a lot less. Our Engineer, Mark Bross said he thought Rain Bird would be less money. 

Trash Service: Mayor Wagy asked Shirley Robertson to contact all of the trash services in the area to have them give us proposals on trash service. Our contract with RTS will be completed at the end of June. We hope to see some proposals come in by the February Meeting. 

With no further business, Alan Toliver made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Simon Thrower. Motion carried. Next Meeting date is Feb. 13, 2024. 

Respectivly Submitted by Cheryl M. Thrower 

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