City of La Grange Missouri City Council Meeting Minutes

City of LaGrange, MO Council Meeting Minutes for February 12, 2024

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Pledge of Allegiance

Mayor Bob Corbin called the meeting to order. 

Roll Call: Councilmember Robyn Cottrell present, Councilmember James Dade present, Councilmember Carol Henze present, Councilmember Gail Kindhart present, Councilmember Barry Pfister absent, and Councilmember Don Zahn present.

City Employees/Visitors:   City Administrator John Roach present, City Clerk Kim Schneider present, City Attorney Jeff Curl present, City Engineer Mark Bross present, Waste Water Superintendent Mike Henderson present,  Chief of Police Aaron Johnson present, Sergeant Jason Powell Present, Also present: Jimmy Vaughn and Ryan Lounsbury.

Public Comments:  None

Presentations: Mark Twain Casino General Manager Ryan Lounsbury introduced himself and is excited to be in LaGrange.  Everyone welcomed Ryan and invited him to any meetings he would like to attend.  


Approval of Agenda – February 12, 2024

Approval of Minutes – January 22, 2024

Approval of Bills

Treasurer’s Report

Motion by Councilmember Henze approve the consent agenda, motion second by Councilmember Zahn, motion carried 5 yes, 1 absent.

CITY ENGINEER REPORT – Mark submitted a report.

Motion by Councilmember Zahn to delay Main Street Water SRF project and resubmit application to DNR to be rescored, motion second by Councilmember Dade, motion carried 5 yes, 1 absent.




Cemetery Budget – John reviewed 2024-2025 proposed budget.

Court Budget – John reviewed 2024-2025 proposed budget.

Lead Line Service Inventory Bids – John will have bids to present at the next Council meeting, bids were required to be submitted to DNR before accepting a bid.



Permission for Mike Henderson to attend MWEA/AWWA Meeting

Motion by Councilmember Henze to allow Mike Henderson to attend the MWEA/AWWA Meeting, motion second by Councilmember Kindhart, motion carried 5 yes, 1 absent.

Adjournment:  With nothing further before the Council, Councilmember Dade made the motion to adjourn at 5:55 p.m., motion second by Councilmember Zahn, motion carried 5 yes, 1 absent.

Submitted to Council February 26, 2024

Kim Schneider – City Clerk         Bob Corbin – Mayor 

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