Lewis County Missouri Commissioners Meeting Minutes Nov 6th, 2023

February 20th, 2024 – Lewis County Commission

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February 20, 2024 

The Commission met pursuant to order of adjournment on February 12, 2024, with Presiding Commissioner Wayne Murphy Jr., Associate Commissioners Travis Fleer, and Deanne Whiston present. When and where the following proceedings were had to wit: Commissioner Murphy called the meeting to order: 

Minutes: Commissioner Fleer made a motion to approve minutes for February 5, 2024, Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Whiston agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Minutes: Commissioner Fleer made a motion to approve minutes for February 12, 2024, Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 2-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve timecards from February 4-17, Commissioner Fleer seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Bills: Commissioner Fleer motioned to approve the payments of warrants #31756-31783 from General Revenue, warrants # 22105-22110 from Road & Bridge, warrants #5741-5742 from the Assessment, warrants #20862-20872 from L.E.O.F, and warrants #1163 from Co Farm. Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Road & Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Larry Janes and Secretary Colclough were present. Blading- #546, 530, 295, 297, 393 

Groomed- #594, 597 

Spot Rock- #347, 395, 339, 397, 399, 523, 351, 292, 511, 532 

Grader tire taken to Johnnies to put on a rim for a spare tire 

Tube delivered- #420 

Fixed throttle of 1997 Cat grader 

Fixed 2013 plow lights 

Commissioner Fleer shared an email he got from Zach Carlson with Hannibal Tractor about a boom mower with Supervisor Janes 

The bridge inspector is here today 

Other Business: Clerk Sapp emailed Hadlee Hope’s ARPA application to Kelly Kern to look over- she asked for them to explain their struggles during covid- they did and she approved the application- the commission will discuss the application Monday 

January sales tax was received 

ArcaSearch gave a quote of $28,000.00 to digitalize minutes and ordinances-the commission looked it over and had questions about additional costs 

The commission received a copy of the NEMO RPC 2024 contract agreement 

Chris Coy met with the commission about the landscaping that will need done after the ground settles from the foundation fixes- she said there will need to be backfill and her opinion is the commission concrete the south entrance and have a sitting area with matching benches like the front entrance-Chris said when she looks at the south entrance its usually people on break, smoking, or meeting with clients- the front entrance is where everyone enters the courthouse- Chris will have mulch and flowers in beds and pots in the front- this will be low maintenance and easier to maintain in the long term 

Dixon Tuckpointing LLC will come measure and give a quote for tuckpointing and sealing brick at the courthouse, annex and sheriff’s office- he already provided a quote but needs to come back and measure 

Treasurer Roberson ask Clerk Sapp to make an Opioid Fund-she wanted the separate deposit transactions with dates- Clerk Sapp talked to Treasurer Roberson and offered to print out the transaction register for the 85% and 15% Opioid line-item numbers once a month- Treasure Roberson agreed to the report instead of making a new fund 

The commission asked Clerk Sapp to talk to the bank about scheduling when the direct deposit payments are paid out- Clerk Sapp went and asked Karen Porter she said that they usually get them between 8 and 10:30 but it could be anytime during the day- Clerk Sapp informed the commission- the commission then asked about picking the payout time- Clerk Sapp went back to the bank and asked Diane Carmichael- she said the bank could not schedule payout time- Clerk Sapp informed the commission- the commission then called Diane Carmichael to ask more questioned- Clerk Sapp and Deputy Sly were called into the commissioner’s office to discuss getting the timecards earlier, figuring them, and letting the commission approve the timecards before pay day- the clerk’s office agreed that would work- Deputy Sly was asked by the commission to send a memo stating timecards are to be turned in before or no later than Monday at 9:00 am prior to the payroll date 

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn to Monday, February 27, 2023, by Commissioner Fleer, Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed, passed 3-0. 

Respectfully submitted: 

Shannon Sapp, County Clerk 

Wayne Murphy Jr., Presiding Commissioner 
Travis Fleer, Southern Commissioner 
Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner 

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