Highland Girls Start Districts on a High Note

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The Class 3 District 6 girls tournament began on February 19th, 2024 at Palmyra as the quarter finals were determined. 4th seed Monroe City Panthers took on the 5th seed Macon Tigerettes. While the 3rd seed Highland Cougars took on the 6th seed Clark County Lady Indians.

Monroe City Panthers Vs. Macon Tigerettes

Macon would start off rough as in the early goings a few turn overs forces coach Kirkland to call a time out to talk things over. Monroe City would lead but Macon would keep battling as the 1st quarter would end 7-6 Macon. Macon would be in the foul trouble as it was 3-1. But it goes to show their determination to win.

The second quarter would see Macon lead but the Panthers would hit big to tie at 17-17, and then followed with a big 3 to take the lead. The second half would end 20-18 Monroe City up. Monroe City would lead the fouls 5-4 as they continue to try and win.

Macon would start the second half taking back their lead, both teams would go on big runs as the score would become 30-29. With a 1:04 remaining Monroe City’s #33 would tie it up with a free throw. But Macon’s #13 Reece Barnett would immediatly take it back as that would end the 3rd 32-30 Macon up.

Macon would go on a 5 point run forcing coach Rung to call a time out. Macon would follow the time out with two three pointers however the Panthers would rally as with 1:09 they would close the lead 44-39. However in the end the Tigerettes would win 47-39 to move on. They will take on the 1 seed Palmyra in the semifinals on Feb 21st at 6:00 PM.

Highland Cougars Vs. Clark Count Indians

Highland came into this game with lots of momentum after their comeback victory over the Palmyra Panthers on Saturday. While Clark County comes in on a ten game losing streak. With hopes to break it they have a tough road ahead.

Clark County would get the early possession as they would look to score early however a missed lay up would turn it around and the Cougars would take the ball the other way. Highland would take an early 12-2 lead before a timout is called. Clark County would take the time out to start a rally as the 1st quarter would end 14-7.

The second quarter would be a continued Highland dominance. However Clark County would battle for rebounds and jump balls every chance they got. The half would end 35-15 the cougars up.

The half would open with a Indian 3 pointer. Highland would however seal the deal in the third as they would go on a 10 point run while Clark County would get only 3 more points in the 3rd to end it 45-21. Both squads would play the final quarter before swapping out all their seniors and playing their younger players. A very emotional Clark County bench would continue to cheer on their teammates as the game would end 54-26 Highland to advance to the semifinals.

The Clark County Offence was lead by #32 Dettriona Church with 8 points. The Highland Offence was lead by #21 Keera Rothweiler who put up 15 points on the night. Highland will take on the #2 seed South Shelby Cardinals Feb 21st at 7:30.

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