Lewis County Missouri Commissioners Meeting Minutes Nov 6th, 2023

March 25th, 2024 – Lewis County Commission

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March 25, 2024 

The Commission met pursuant to order of adjournment on March 18, 2024, with Presiding Commissioner Wayne Murphy Jr., and Associate Commissioners Travis Fleer and Deanne Whiston were present. When and where the following proceedings were had to wit: Commissioner Murphy called the meeting to order: 

Minutes: Commissioner Whiston made a motion to approve minutes for March 18, 2024. Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Fleer agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Murphy motioned to approve the payment of warrants #203328 from General fund, warrants #20330-20334 from Road & Bridge fund, warrants #203335 from Assessment fund, and warrant # from LEOF. Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Fleer agreed. Passed 3-0. 

Payroll: Commissioner Murphy motioned to approve the payment by EFTP of warrants #2662- 2679 from General fund, warrants #2680-2682 from Road & Bridge fund, warrants #2683-2684 from Assessment fund, and warrant #2685-2702 from LEOF fund. Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Fleer agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Bills: Commissioner Whiston motioned to approve the payments of warrants #31847-31864 from General Revenue, warrants #22141-22150 from Road & Bridge, warrants #5750-5752 from the Assessment, warrants #20899-20905 from L.E.O.F, and warrants #from Co Farm. Commissioner Fleer seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed. Approved 3-0. 

Road & Bridge: Road and Bridge Supervisor Larry Janes and Secretary Colclough were present. 

Commissioner Murphy & Fleer went to Sellers road to see about a complaint 

Robert Dodd worked Monday but has doctor restrictions for 3 weeks- so he can’t come back to work until the restrictions are done- he will have to fill out all paperwork as a new hire since he retired in 2023 

The commission and Supervisor Janes left at 10:08 to meet Steve Scoggin to discuss a watershed he is going to make 

New tube- #359 old dump road & #405 McCutchan road 

Spot rock- #224 Glaves road 

Bladed- #214, 219, 261, 228, 224, 233, 272, 275, 242, 239, 234, 273, 208, 402, 403, 405, 412, 408, 404, 416, 420, 508, & 504 

Checked roads 

Other Business: Renodry came and tested under the courthouse and annex for moisture- they will put a report together and send it to the clerk 

Kelly Kern submitted the LATCF 2023 report and her invoice for reporting 

The collector submitted her 2020 Outlawed Property Tax report 

Deputy Sly submitted the Leave Balance report 

The Purple Heart plaque was received and is going to be hung in the hallway 

NEMO RPC sent information about the Safe Streets and Roads for All grant match- the proposed grant match for Lewis County would be $9,208.40 

The mowing bids will be collected until the 27th and will be opened Monday the 1st- due to the date being wrong in the paper 

Devon McClain was in to discuss with the commission the importance of a firewall for the courthouse – he explained we need to get a firewall- then get software on each computer as another defense- and to segregate the offices from each other- he also said there are grant opportunities he will help the county get- and moving all offices to .gov emails 

Commissioner Fleer made a motion to have Devon follow through with his recommendations by getting a firewall, software, and segregating offices. Commissioner Murphy seconded; Commissioner Whiston agreed. Approved 3-0. 

The commission would like regular and election hours on the same timesheet 

R-4 Fire had a tax issue to put on the ballot and did not certify it correctly to Clerk Sapp but did to the Marion County clerk- Clerk Sapp did not add it to the ballot- Marion County clerk did- after discussing the issue with the R-4 Fire and the Marion County clerk, Clerk Sapp got the correct information and added the tax to the ballot- Clerk Sapp charged R-4 Fire for the added cost of reprinting ballots 

Adjourn: Motion to adjourn to Monday, April 1, 2024, by Commissioner Fleer. Commissioner Whiston seconded; Commissioner Murphy agreed, passed 3-0. 

Respectfully submitted: 


Shannon Sapp , County Clerk 

Wayne Murphy Jr., Presiding Commissioner 

Travis Fleer, Southern Commissioner 

Deanne Whiston, Northern Commissioner 

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