Lewis County Missouri R-4 Fire Protection District at Ewing, Mo

R4 Fire – April 2024 Meeting Minutes

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R-4 Fire Protection District Meeting Minutes
April 2nd,  2024 Meeting #251
Station #1, Ewing, MO 7pm

Tom Stark-Board of Director-President of the Board
David Keith-Board of Director  
Bryan Jennings-Board of Director
Gretchen Keith-Treasurer

 1. Preliminaries to Meeting

  1. Call the Meeting to Order.

i. Tom Stark called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.

  1. Roll Call- Quorum Established

i.    Present is Dylan Waterman, Tom Stark, David and Gretchen Keith, Riley Pryor and Bryan Jennings; Quorum Established.. 

  1. Motion to approve the agenda by David Keith and seconded by Bryan Jennings.

2. Consent Agenda

  1. Approval of minutes to be made by  Bryan Jennings and seconded by David Keith.
  2. Approval of treasurer’s report given by Gretchen Keith; Motion made by David Keith and seconded by Bryan Jennings.  

3.  Old Business

  1. Truck Maintenance: Truck 412 Needs one more Bracket. 415 Bobcat leaf blower needs the choke fixed again. Parts will be ordered to be fixed rather than taking it to Bringers in La Grange to be fixed. 
  2. Building Maintenance- back side light at station #2 has been fixed.

 4.  New Business-

  1. Mowing Bids: Nathan Bringer of Courtside Lawn & Excavation bid is $75 for Ewing and $60 for Maywood. Toby O’Brien of Toby’s Lawn Care bid $50 for each station. Dale Murphy of La Belle bid $25 for each station. Dale Smith of Maywood Lawn Care bid $ 30 for Ewing and $40 for Maywood stations. Bid was given to Maywood Lawn Care. 
  2. Concrete Bids going to be posted again to add on the concrete at Station #1. Bids are due by May 3rd and to be read on May 7th at the next meeting. 

 5.  Officers Report

            a. Dylan Waterman reported April 16th is the Mock vehicle accident at Highland High school, May 1st MoDot is going to use Station #2 for a town meeting. May 7th is big truck night at Highland High School. 

b. Riley Pryor reported the Enbridge grant was not awarded. Also Reminder for responders to keep using I am Responding when going to a call. 

6. Questions/Concerns/Comments- Fish Fry at Station #2 will be April 27th. 

7. Closed session Per statue 610.021 Section 3- Started at 7:30pm and Finished at 7:40pm 

 8. Regular Monthly meeting to be held on May 7th, 2024 at 7pm at Station #2, Maywood, MO  

 9. Adjournment- motion to adjourn the meeting by Bryan Jennings, seconded David Keith.

             Meeting Adjourned 7:45 pm.

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