Ewing Mo City Council Board Meeting Minutes

City of Ewing February Minutes

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EWING, MO 63440 

February 13,2024 

The City Council Meeting was called to order by Mayor Dean Wagy. Aldermen in attendance were Cliff Wade, Simon Thrower, Alan Toliver and Alderwoman Susie Wood. 

No guests were here, Ron Conger, our new sewer operator came to meet the City Council. 

Agenda. Cliff Wade made a motion to accept the agenda, seconded by Alan Toliver. Motion carried. 

Minutes from the January 16th City Council Meeting. Simon Thrower made a motion to accept minutes from last meeting. Cliff Wade seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Review of City Bills. Alan Toliver made a motion to accept the City Bills and Cliff Wade seconded the motion. Motion carried. 

Review of Sewer Bills. Sewer Clerk, Shirley Robertson, informed the board that the bank did receive the payment from Carousel Checks for the double payment for check purchase. Reconciliation for last month and this month were made and both were correct now. Susie Wood made a motion to accept the sewer bills. The motion was seconded by Simon Thrower. Motion carried. Justin Griffin from DNR, Mayor Wagy, Shirley, Cheryl, and Ron Conger had a meeting on 2.13.2024 to discussed what DNR needs to close out the violations we have been experiencing since the previous sewer operator resigned. Justin Griffin came to tell us what is missing and seemed pleased with what we had accomplished. Shirley Robertson and Cheryl Thrower have worked together to get the reports done. Shirley will be taking over getting those reports submitted on time in the future. Ron will get the information to Shirley so the reports will be turned in in a timely manner. 

Trash Services proposals are due March 12, 2024. Issue tabled. 

The City Council is proposing a Spring Clean-up for the entire City. The date is the whole month of March. Each resident will be receiving a letter explaining what kinds of clean up are needed. This also will include unlicensed vehicles that are not either behind a fence, in a garage, out of sight. More later. 

Sewer Lagoon/Spray Field. Mayor Wagy has been attempting to get our spray field pump repaired. He contacted Rain Bird International. They were cheaper ($12,980.06) but did not have it in stock and could not get the pump for 12 weeks. Vandevanter Engineering, who took the pump all apart and found that something had damaged the Chamber stack and needed a repair kit, a seal kit, and a gasket kit and to be put back together. Cost is $16,597.91. Simon Thrower made a motion to go ahead with Vandevanter Engineering to get this fixed asap as spring is upon us. Cliff Wade seconded the motion. Roll call vote: Alan Toliver, Susie Wood, Simon Thrower, Cliff Wade. Unanimous consent. 

With no further business, Simon Thrower made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Alan Toliver. Motion carried. 

Next meeting will be March 12, 2024 



Cheryl M. Thrower 

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