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R-4 Fire Protection District Meeting Minutes February 2024

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R-4 Fire Protection District Meeting Minutes 
February 6th, 2024 Meeting #249 
Station #1, Ewing, MO 7pm 

Tom Stark-Board of Director-President of the Board David Keith-Board of Director Bryan Jennings-Board of Director Dorothy Hines-Secretary Gretchen Keith-Treasurer 

1. Preliminaries to Meeting 

1. Call the Meeting to Order. 

i. David Keith called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. 

2. Roll Call- Quorum Established 

i. Present is Dylan Waterman, David and Gretchen Keith, Tom Stark, Riley Pryor and Bryan Jennings; Quorum Established. 

3. Motion to approve the agenda by David Keith and seconded by Bryan Jennings. 

2. Consent Agenda 

1. Approval of minutes with Amendments to be made by David Keith and seconded by 

Bryan Jennings. 

2. Approval of treasurer’s report given by Gretchen Keith; Motion made by Bryan Jennings 

and seconded by David Keith. 

3. Old Business 

1. Truck Maintenance: Truck 412’s charging rack is not hooked yet. by Roberts Garage yet. 

Pull Rope on Side by Side to be fixed by Dylan Waterman. 

2. Building Maintenance: 

1. Vent at station 1 were fixed. 

3. Brush Truck Bids- BIDS tabled again until March Meetings. CET Bids $183,620.31 and $1800 for shipping; Banners $183,655.71 and $800 for Shipping; Midwest Fire $230,000.00 and URUH $218,000.00; and Cushin Fire Equipment for $224,450.00 

4. New Business- None 

5. Officers Report 

a. Dylan Waterman reported March 1st is hose testing. February 24th is Maywood Soup Supper. Bids for Banner Rescue gloves and guardian angels. Bryan Jennings made a motion to purchase 10 pairs of rescue gloves. Firefighters need to refrain from driving personal vehicles to fire/accidents etc. if at all possible. 

b. Riley Pryor reported he still has a lot of grants out to seek additional funding. Also reminder to be brief when using radios. One New radio has to be sent back to be reprogrammed. 

6. Questions/Concerns/Comments- 

February 20th – Narcotics Awareness training will be at 6:30pm 

Tom Stark went over how to apply face masks and hoses for oxygen for patients. 

7. Closed session Per statue 610.021 Section 3- none 

8. Regular Monthly meeting to be held on March 5th, 2024 at 7pm at Station #2, Maywood, MO 

9. Adjournment- motion to adjourn the meeting by Bryan Jennings, seconded David Keith. 

Meeting Adjourned. 

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